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With Marketing Cloud - Account Engagement

Stay in the know with marketing and sales alerts on the go

Know who is interacting with your site with real-time sales alerts and prospect activity tracking in Marketing Cloud - Account Engagement.

Cross-collaborate with sales with curated content

Create a library of marketing-curated content that can be deployed in just a few clicks by the sales team.

Identify valuable leads quickly

Marketing Cloud - Account Engagement's multi-channel lead scoring and grading approach helps you discover the best leads more quickly. Automatically assign and trigger actions to alerts.

Capture leads with landing pages and forms

Create custom landing pages and forms. Set forms to send notifications, enhance scores and more...

Personalise customer experiences

Send emails to segmented lists so you can personalise your customer experience. Use dynamic content to change email and website content based on a prospect's score, grade, sector, job title, and more.

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We have more than 10 years of expertise understanding how to develop, execute, and evolve marketing best practices using Salesforce. Let us be a vital collaborator in helping you achieve your success.

The Benefits Of Marketing Cloud - Account Engagement

Delve deeper into data and discover new insights into campaign performance with Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement’s visual reporting. Get richer insights into your campaign’s success rate, and optimise your marketing as you go.

Pinpoint the true return on investment of your marketing activities with intelligent reporting. 

Create bespoke engagement campaigns that adjust to each client’s buying indicators and move them through the funnel faster.


With built-in business rules, sales alerts, and assignment triggers, you can perfect the marketing-to-sales handover and reach the correct customer at the appropriate moment.

Understand the health and speed of your sales funnel. Engagement and Lifecycle reports provide a high-level overview of the sales process health, as well as where prospects get stuck along the way.

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Marketing Cloud - Account Engagement

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