Marco Mulinacci Joins Pracedo As A Commercial Manager

We are thrilled to announce the latest hire to the Pracedo team. Marco Mulinacci joins Pracedo from Salesforce, where he worked as a UK EMEA Account Executive. With experience working for IT giants including Cisco, ClickSoftware and Group M, Marco offers Pracedo the ability to create more impact as we continue to grow. 


Today, we sit down with Marco to discuss his career, role, and passions. 


Tell us about your career journey so far and why you chose Pracedo.


I have a background in Marketing, Sales and Business Development. During the last seven years, I have been working in some of the top IT vendors, such as ClickSoftware and Salesforce. At Salesforce, I have been working both with profit and Nonprofit organisations, with a particular focus on Commerce and Marketing Cloud.


Coming from Salesforce, I know how important partners are in order to secure the success of a project. Pracedo offered me the chance to work for a very solid and trusted Salesforce partner. So joining Pracedo was one of the most natural moves that I could make to better my career.


What will you be doing at Pracedo, and what do you most love about your new role?


 As a Sales Manager, I will help the commercial team grow new business and help customers find the perfect solution. I am passionate about Innovation, Customer Success and Customer Experience, and this role will allow me to talk about these things on a daily basis. I hope to help in winning great and successful new customers.


If you could switch jobs with anyone in the world, what would your job be? 


I admire Oprah Winfrey as a Journalist and Public Figure, so I would probably say Journalist and writer. 


That speaks to your ability to very easily and openly communicate with people about growth. Is there something that people don’t know about you? A hidden passion outside of the office?


 I am passionate about cooking, and I bake my own bread and my own freshly made pasta. Sharing food with my friends comes from my love for Italian style dinners or lunches with good people and great music.


If you had a life mantra, what would it be?


Be yourself no matter what they say! 


I can’t think of anything more perfect to end on, especially at Pracedo, where authenticity is one of the key values. 


Pracedo is an award-winning Platinum Salesforce Consulting Partner that delivers Salesforce implementations to charities, NGOs, and enterprise customers across the globe. Pracedo builds powerful partnerships that can impact more than just revenues. As a Premium Salesforce Partner in London and Melbourne, we have the experience and expertise to help you maximise your Salesforce investment and build improved customer pipeline processes and communication cycles. Everything we do is powered by our unique purpose, which puts people at the heart of our work. That’s why we pledge to give 1% of our product, time, and profits back to our community.

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