Wildix #PowerUp! with Pracedo

Wildix Collaborate Across Borders with Salesforce

Wildix helps other companies improve their productivity by improving communication internally and externally by bringing a variety of communication and collaboration functions together and building them into one web-based tool. These services can improve productivity by up to 25%, giving each employee 2 hours more per day.

Wildix have a large international sales team who needed a way to collaborate on projects. They needed a way to share leads, assignments and set tasks and reminders across the whole company. The marketing team also needed a way to promote the good work the sales team was doing.

Wildix now have a partners community which brings them closer than ever. Not only does it give them the opportunity to share and assist on leads but by integrating reports and dashboards they can now share in each others successes. These dashboards also provide all the information the marketing team need without having to request it. Multiple currencies has also been enabled to assist in making the team unified despite the distance between them.


‘Pracedo helped us to implement, customize and get along with Salesforce. We were confident about the final result, as these guys have shown themselves as true professionals. It was a pleasure to work with you!’

Alexis Stratiyenko (Sales Assistant Team Coordinator)

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