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The Challenge

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is an internationally renowned university based on a campus that provides top quality academic, social and cultural facilities to over 17,000 students across a diverse range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses.


UEA was using a CRM which was designed specifically for the higher education market. After implementing Sales Cloud, they decided they wanted to upgrade their marketing solution given that:

  • The existing CRM solution didn’t offer the flexibility or the functionality that they needed as they continued to evolve

  • There was a desire to improve the team’s marketing automation

  • The UEA wanted to personalise their marketing more so that their applicants’ journeys were more engaging

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The Solution

The University of East Anglia decided that Marketing Cloud was the best solution as it offered them full flexibility to segment customer journeys and personalise touchpoints. They began their journey with Marketing Cloud by trying to self-implement. This was aided through maximising Trailheads and Marketing Cloud Trailblazers group, however, it can be quite difficult to complete the initial technical set up of Marketing Cloud, and so they decided they needed a Salesforce partner with best-practice knowledge to ensure they got the most out of the product. The Marketing Cloud is a tool designed for Marketers, and so usually the technical setup, which is the most complex part, only needs to be done once. This is where Pracedo joined UAE on their Marketing Cloud journey, ensuring the best foundation for success.


Pracedo was selected as their preferred Salesforce partner. Upon reviewing their implementation, Pracedo:

  • Assisted them in activating intricate features that UEA could most benefit from such as session log out times, setting consistent roles and permissions, amending the sending domain and sender profiles to be more relevant and overall creating a platform that was beneficial and streamlined specifically to them. By creating a platform that was brand specific and relevant to UAE, it allowed their users to work more effectively and created a better customer experience when receiving or responding to communications.

  • Created a master data extension to sync the relevant information from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud running every 15 minutes enabling UEA to have the most up to date subscriber data to hand, stored in one consolidated place. This cut down the resourcing time required to gather data and made campaign sends more efficient. By doing so, UEA were able to use their resources more effectively in other areas such as creating more on brand relevant campaigns.

  • Helped in setting up their first customer journey, empowering them to edit and create future journeys independently. Journey builder is a staple tool within Marketing Cloud and by teaching the Marketing team how to utilise the tool to its full potential, UEA were able to use Journey Builder to improve customer retention through reaching their customers on a more personal level across different channels, overall increasing engagement and click through rates.

The Impact

With Pracedo’s help, The University of East Anglia can now utilise the full flexibility that Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers, as a future-proofed and scalable solution for marketing. In addition to that, they can now easily personalise their messages across multiple channels and within their customer journeys, making them more engaging.

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