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The Challenge

International Alert are a non-profit organisation who work with people directly affected by conflict to build lasting peace. They were using Salesforce to manage the applications and allocations of consultants who do outreach work.

They had installed NPSP but had minimal user adoption.

  • It was difficult to manage the applications currently being received via email.

  • Poor data quality meant that users were not searching amongst their 250 consultant database and instead would stick to the same few that they knew.

  • When emailing consultants, they were having to manually add them to a BCC one by one.

  • There was little oversight across the full system and process, which meant that it was hard for the team to develop operational resilience, as they did not have a single source of truth.
International Alert NPSP Salesforce consultancy
International Alert NPSP Salesforce consultancy v2

The Solution

International Alert worked with Pracedo to help set up Salesforce to act as the single-source-of-truth for their consultant database, by facilitating membership applications and helping achieve operational efficiencies across the organisation.


Products that Pracedo identified to help International Alert achieve their goals were core Sales Cloud, the Nonprofit Success Pack and Customer Communities.


Pracedo would also customise Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM & Communities functionality and replace the existing consultant database system. A Mailchimp integration would also help automate the emailing process, reduce time and manual labour for teams.


This would enable their consultants to have a more streamlined workflow, to submit applications and view their assignments, with better oversight.

The Impact

The work that Pracedo did to ensure that International Alert got the most out of their Salesforce investment was a success. After Pracedo trained the team on the new and improved system with a single source of truth, International Alert saw a 200% increase in user adoption. 


This has now enabled them to make full use of the consultant database, with more effective management of assignments. The Mailchimp integration has also saved significant time on communications.

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