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Posted on 2020-10-15 10:33:31

At Pracedo we are proud of every project we complete, that’s why we ask our customers to share their Salesforce Success Stories with us.

In the last few months, we have finished some great projects which we are immensely proud of.

Read our Customer Success summaries below and head over to the Customer Success section of the website for more great stories.

Ricoh #PowerUp with Pracedo

Ricoh is a global provider of technology that transforms business processes and information management to help organisations be more agile, productive and profitable.

Ricoh have a lengthy sales cycle, from engaging new leads at the top of the funnel through to proof of concept build and ultimately to order but lacked a holistic view of their customers as a result of managing their business processes manually on an outdated database.

We identified a need for a combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Custom Development, to create a tailored platform that would facilitate Ricoh’s business processes.

‘Pracedo delivered impressive lateral thinking on this project!’

Richard Darling (Ricoh Strategic Business Development Manager)

The custom platform has aligned both the business and technical teams and improved communication company-wide. The move to Salesforce has increased visibility and improved business efficiency with automation.

You can read Ricoh’s full customer success story here!

Global University Systems #PowerUp with Pracedo

Global University Systems (GUS) works to engage new students from the application process to enrolment at a number of partner universities.

GUS wanted to improve the way partner agents were on-boarded and supported in submitting applications on behalf of students by removing manual processes. They also wanted to improve communication with agents.

GUS was an existing Salesforce customer who engaged with Pracedo to implement Salesforce Communities and Pardot for their B2B IBD team, in order to help streamline processes and develop the way they communicated.

‘This is the single most transformational project undertaken at our organization, as it has profound impacts on our internal operations and our global network of partners. This project with Pracedo brought us pipeline oversight, onboarding automation, and an overall enhanced serviceability we can provide to help our partners grow their businesses. This project also set us up for the next 10 projects around automating our processes and leveraging these insights into further efficiencies.’

Kayla Briel (GUS Associate Director, Business & Innovation)

GUS has successfully onboarded the first trial group of their partner agents and is coaching them through using the new portal, whilst the Marketing team are leveraging Pardot for their comms, and have been upskilled to manage this in-house moving forward.

You can read the full Global University Systems customer success story here!

Centrica #PowerUp with Pracedo

Centrica Business Solutions help organisations take advantage of the changing energy landscape.

Centrica needed a centralised place to keep track of businesses created by their partners and a streamlined process that allowed this to grow, to continue driving revenue.

Pracedo was chosen to help Centrica build their Salesforce’s Digital Experience Platform. The new platform is designed to enable partners to work in collaboration with Centrica by allowing them to log their record of sales on the go and contact their Account Owners directly to quickly resolve issues.

‘During the Pilot phase we didn’t know what type of business changes we needed, or what dedicated resources we had or how to manage it, but from this stage, we worked with Pracedo to be able to make a real business case to Stakeholders, and map out how to take the portal from just a system to something that really improved the business process for the Sales team.’

Alex Lowe (Centrica Head of Business Solutions Partner Programme)

88 International partners have been on-boarded to the new community giving them a single centralised platform to track sales and work closer with Centrica.

You can read the full Centrica customer success story here!

Centrica booth at an event