Why CMOs Drive Smarter Engagement With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization

Customer engagement has become an essential part of modern marketing and is crucial in achieving a successful ROI. Customer engagement refers to the process of building relationships with customers by creating meaningful interactions. It involves providing timely, relevant content that speaks to the customer’s interests, needs, and preferences. Companies prioritising customer engagement are more likely to generate leads, increase brand loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction.

With the growth of digital marketing channels like email, social media, and online advertising, it is now easier than ever for businesses to create personalised touchpoints with their customers. However, managing these individual touchpoints can be time-consuming and difficult for marketers who don’t have the right tools at their disposal. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization comes in.

Now that I’ve your attention, let’s talk more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization?

Personalization is an AI-driven marketing automation platform to help businesses maximise customer engagement efforts. It includes features such as behavioural segmentation, targeting capabilities based on real-time data analysis, personalisation capabilities for unique messaging experiences across multiple channels (e.g., emails, social media, push notifications), automated triggers for campaigns when certain conditions are met (such as a customer abandoning a cart), integration with other Salesforce products, as well as advanced reporting tools for tracking campaign performance metrics such as open rates and click-through rates over time.


Through its advanced AI feature set, Personalization enables marketers to quickly implement highly tailored campaigns without needing significant resources or manual work. By leveraging this technology, marketers can automatically target audiences based on their behaviour and provide them with personalised messages at scale to drive more conversions and sales revenue while enhancing the overall customer experience. This helps businesses build better customer relationships while improving operational efficiency and ROI from marketing initiatives.

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How does Personalization help with customised messaging and automation?

Personalization offers various features and capabilities that help with customised messaging and automation. At the heart of these features is the AI-driven engine, which enables marketers to quickly build segments, target audiences, and launch campaigns based on real-time data analysis. With its advanced segmentation capabilities, marketers can quickly identify targeted customer groups based on behavioural patterns such as online activity, purchase history, website visits, email interactions, etc. This allows businesses to create tailored messages for each customer segment for a more impactful marketing experience.


In addition to segmentation, Personalization also provides powerful targeting capabilities by leveraging predictive analytics to anticipate customers’ needs and preferences. For example, marketers can set up automated triggers triggered when certain conditions are met (such as a customer abandoning a cart) or when specific behaviours are observed (such as a high level of engagement on one page vs another page). These automated campaigns can deliver personalised content that is highly relevant to each customer’s interests or behaviour to increase conversions and sales revenue.


Personalization also includes reporting tools which provide detailed insights into the performance of various campaigns over time. This helps marketers track critical metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversions rates etc., to understand better which strategies are working best and what areas require improvement.

How does Marketing Cloud Personalization compare to other marketing automation tools?

Personalization stands out from other marketing automation tools such as Adobe Target, Dynamic Yield, and others for its advanced AI-driven capabilities and personalisation features. While these tools provide basic automation capabilities such as segmentation, targeting, and reporting, Personalization uses AI to surface insights hidden within customer interactions. This helps marketers quickly identify high-value customers and target them with highly tailored messaging across multiple channels.


Adobe Target focuses primarily on A/B testing for website designs and content, while Dynamic Yield offers an omnichannel optimisation platform that helps businesses personalise their digital experiences in real time. However, none of these platforms can match the comprehensive suite of features that Personalization provides. In addition to the traditional segmentation and targeting capabilities offered by other platforms, Personalization also includes advanced predictive analytics that enables marketers to anticipate customer needs and preferences before they happen. This allows businesses to create more personalised campaigns for customers’ behaviour or interests.

What are some tips for getting the most out of Personalization?

When setting up and configuring Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization for optimal performance, it is recommended to use the services of a Salesforce Implementation Partner. Working with an experienced partner will provide insight into best practices and the latest industry knowledge to help companies get the most out of their Personalization implementation.


A Salesforce Implementation Partner can assist with strategy and planning, data migration and integration, user adoption, customisations, user experience design, application support, training and ongoing maintenance. This assistance can help ensure that the platform is configured correctly to meet a business’s specific needs. Additionally, they can guide how to better utilize marketing automation tools within Personalization, such as predictive analytics and AI-driven segmentation capabilities to optimize customer engagement efforts.



With the expertise of a Salesforce Implementation Partner, businesses can also benefit from insights on how to leverage advanced personalisation features, such as automated triggers for campaigns when certain conditions are met (such as a customer abandoning a cart) or when specific behaviours are observed (such as a high level of engagement on one page versus another). Companies may also benefit from learning how to create unique messaging experiences across multiple channels (e.g., emails, social media, push notifications) for increased engagement with target audiences based on their behaviour and preferences.

Case Study: Pracedo helps Bonhams to drive better engagement by using Marketing Cloud Personalization

Bonhams, one of the world’s oldest and largest auctioneers of fine art and antiques, worked with Salesforce Implementation Partner Pracedo to leverage Personalization’s power to drive better customer engagement.


Pracedo implemented predictive analytics capabilities within Personalization to identify potential buyers for Bonhams’ upcoming auctions. By leveraging AI-driven segmentation based on customer behaviours and preferences, Bonhams was able to target a larger pool of prospective buyers through tailored messaging across multiple channels. Additionally, Pracedo helped Bonhams track essential metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversions etc., to gain better insights into which strategies were most effective for driving customer engagement.


Ultimately, Bonhams was able to engage its target audience and boost sales by leveraging Personalization’s powerful features and Pracedo’s expertise in the platform.

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How Can Pracedo Help Your Business Leverage Personalisation At Scale?

Working with Pracedo, you can benefit from our expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization. Our team of certified consultants will help you get the most out of your implementation by providing insights on best practices, strategy, and planning. We can assist with data migration, user adoption, customisations, user experience design, application support, training and ongoing maintenance to ensure that everything is configured correctly to meet your specific needs.


Contact us today to learn more about how Pracedo can help take your customer engagement efforts to the next level with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization.


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