Drive Personalised Donor-Centric Journeys With Salesforce In Uncertain Times

Nonprofits generally use a funnel approach when engaging with their donors. The funnel approach involves providing a predefined set of interactions to all donors, regardless of their unique needs or interests. However, this approach can often be impersonal and ineffective at driving meaningful donor engagement in uncertain times, resulting in lost opportunities to build stronger relationships with donors.

To truly engage your donors and achieve better fundraising results in a downturn, your nonprofit should consider shifting to a Donor-Centric approach. This approach involves creating personalised interactions tailored specifically to each donor’s needs and interests. Not only will this allow you to form stronger relationships with your donors, but it can also help you better tailor your fundraising strategies to meet the unique needs of your target audience.

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Understand your donors and identify their interests

The first step towards creating donor-centric journeys is understanding your donors and their individual needs and interests. This can be done by leveraging data insights from your existing donor profiles and conducting surveys and focus groups to obtain feedback from your donors. Once you clearly understand your donors’ interests and needs, you can create personalised interactions tailored directly to each donor’s unique preferences. For example, you might choose to send relevant content and support offers based on their areas of interest or host donor-only events that align with their interests and priorities.

The question you may be asking now is how do you implement a Donor-Centric Journey approach within your fundraising efforts? Use Salesforce, a robust CRM platform that enables you to seamlessly manage your donor data and create customised interactions across all touchpoints. With Salesforce, you can track every interaction with each donor and use data insights to gain a deeper understanding of your donors’ interests and preferences. This allows you to create more engaging and personalised interactions that can help drive better fundraising results and build stronger relationships with your donors.

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Use marketing automation to create targeted interactions

Once you clearly understand your donors’ interests and preferences, the next step is to create targeted interactions that align with each donor’s unique needs. This can be done by leveraging marketing automation tools, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, to create automated marketing campaigns tailored to each donor’s interests and preferences. Over 60% of nonprofits plan to increase their investment in marketing automation to raise more funds, expand programs and adopt new technologies.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can easily create targeted communications for each donor based on their previous interactions with your nonprofit. Additionally, marketing automation can help you measure the effectiveness of your interactions and fine-tune your marketing strategies based on the results.

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Journey Builder: The answer to your donor-centric journey needs

Journey Builder, a tool provided by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is an excellent resource for nonprofit digital marketers. Not only does Marketing Cloud offer cross-channel communications, including email, social media, mobile, and web devices, but with Journey Builder, marketers can craft engaging donor pathways that are responsive and personalised according to the donor’s behaviour. Journey Builder helps you map out the journey your donor may take, visually rendering it in a way that makes it easy to understand. You can set goals for each Journey and track progress with reporting.

Want to personalise donor journeys even further? Salesforce Einstein with Marketing Cloud can help. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Salesforce Einstein can help you create tailored segments for your donors and customise content accordingly. For example, with AI-powered segmentation, you can quickly identify donors who have a high propensity to give, allowing you to effectively nurture and convert them into lifelong supporters of your organisation.

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Expand your reach with a Lookalike audience

While targeting specific groups of donors based on their interests, behaviours, and preferences is an important part of Donor-Centric Journeys, it’s also important to consider expanding your audience reach with a Lookalike audience. A Donor-Centric Journey approach can help you better understand the needs and preferences of your target donor base. However, sometimes this knowledge may not be enough to find potential donors similar to existing supporters or who have never heard of your nonprofit before.

With Salesforce CDP and Salesforce Advertising Studio, you can easily create Lookalike audiences that match commonalities among your current supporters or engage new prospects based on their location and interests. By leveraging these tools, you can expand your reach and find potential donors that are likely to be interested in your cause. This allows you to improve your fundraising results and build stronger relationships with your supporters

Maintaining lifelong relationships with your donors

Donors are a huge part of any nonprofit organisation, and it is crucial that you build strong, lasting relationships with them. By using Salesforce and Marketing Cloud to create Donor-Centric Journeys, you can increase your fundraising efforts and improve donor engagement and retention. Salesforce Einstein is Salesforce’s native AI solution that can help you identify the interests and behaviours of your donors, so you can nurture relationships better and maintain lasting connections.

By utilising robust marketing tools, your team can connect with potential donors in more impactful ways. You can fine-tune your communications with sophisticated testing tools and metrics for maximum efficiency. Scalable systems and automation make it easy to manage complex donor journeys without a lot of manual effort. And by building lifelong relationships with your donors, you can continue strengthening your organisation for many years.

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How can Pracedo help you drive personalised donor-centric journeys?

Looking to take your fundraising efforts to the next level? Pracedo’s certified Salesforce consultants in can help you create Donor-Centric Journeys designed specifically for your nonprofit organisation.

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