Dreamforce 2023: A Deep Dive into Salesforce’s Latest Innovations

The annual Dreamforce conference is Salesforce’s largest event, where thousands gather to learn about the latest advancements to the world’s #1 CRM platform. This year’s Dreamforce took place in September 2023 and showcased many new capabilities coming to Salesforce products, especially around AI, data, and workflow automation.

Unlocking the Power of Data with Einstein 1

One of the most exciting announcements was the launch of Einstein 1, Salesforce’s new hyperscale data engine. Einstein 1 enables automated workflows to seamlessly connect data across Salesforce clouds and integrate natively with Salesforce metadata. This represents a major evolution in breaking down data silos.


Einstein 1 will power Data Cloud, which is included for all Enterprise Edition and above customers. Data Cloud allows users to unify up to 10k customer profiles across any data source or channel for free. This opens tremendous possibilities for gaining a 360-degree customer view by combining data from sales, service, marketing, and more.

Data is the key to transforming customer experiences. Einstein 1 and Data Cloud will provide business users and data experts with that foundation

Bailey Green

Engagement Practice Lead

Infusing AI Throughout the Salesforce Platform

AI has been an area of rapid innovation within Salesforce, and Dreamforce 2023 showcased new ways Einstein AI is being injected into clouds across the platform:


  • Einstein capabilities like lead scoring, automated account summaries, and AI-generated emails for Sales Cloud will improve productivity.
  • In the summer of ’24, Media Cloud will get media planning powered by Einstein. It will suggest entire media plans to users by evaluating historical data and RFP requirements.
  • In Sales Cloud, Einstein can now parse RFP details into new Opportunity records to kickstart the sales process.
  • For Service Cloud, Einstein Article Recommendations will suggest relevant help articles as customers type in cases.

This proliferation of AI demonstrates it is becoming embedded as a fundamental part of how Salesforce products work rather than a set of bolt-on features.

Perspectives on Ethical AI: The Einstein Trust Layer | Pracedo | Summit Salesforce Partner

Perspectives on Ethical AI: The Einstein Trust Layer

With AI playing a growing role, Salesforce also emphasised the importance of developing ethical AI people can trust. Executives led robust discussions around critical topics like algorithmic bias, data quality, explainability, and AI governance. They explored issues such as ensuring algorithms are fair and unbiased, the risks of insufficient data leading to problematic AI outputs, the need for transparency in how AI makes decisions, and establishing rules and oversight around responsible AI development. The executives spoke passionately about the ethical hazards if these concerns are not addressed proactively when building AI systems. There was a consensus that businesses must bring together diverse expertise spanning tech, legal, ethics and more to shape AI for social good rather than blindly pursue progress. The well-attended sessions demonstrated these issues are top of mind for the Salesforce community.

To provide transparency into its AI, Salesforce unveiled its Einstein Trust Layer. This will let users see which data was used to train AI models and confidence scores. For example, if an automated account summary rates a customer as “high-value,” the Trust Layer will display the supporting data.

The overarching theme was that businesses must be proactive in shaping AI responsibly. AI depends on unbiased, high-quality data. Having diverse teams and starting small with use cases are keys to minimising risks. Trust takes continual work, but the benefits of ethical AI make it worthwhile.

Announcing Salesforce Unlimited Plus

One of the most significant announcements was Unlimited Plus, Salesforce’s new top-tier offering. Unlimited Plus bundles together Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Tableau CRM, Slack, and the new Data Cloud.


It also includes Revenue Intelligence for predictive forecasting and Sales Planning for territory and quota modelling. The vision is to provide an integrated suite for end-to-end workflow automation across sales, service, marketing, and commerce.

Unlimited Plus powers the world’s most complete CRM, bringing together all customer data, AI-powered insights, and automation in one unified platform. This represents the next evolution of Salesforce’s product strategy.

Gareth Evans

Delivery Director

Revenue Cloud Roadmap: Catalogs, Pricing, and Fulfillment

Salesforce provided a detailed look at the upcoming Revenue Cloud roadmap for managing the lifecycle from product catalogue to fulfilment:


  • Product hierarchies and catalogues will be configurable via a visual interface rather than code.
  • Pricing, discounts, and quotes will leverage an intuitive WYSIWYG editor to align with modern B2C shopping experiences.
  • Order decomposition and management get added capabilities.
  • New dynamic fulfilment workflows visualise orchestration. Changes can be made in flight.
  • Einstein will draft contract terms to accelerate closure.

This demonstrates how Revenue Cloud is moving beyond Salesforce automation to natively manage downstream processes like subscriptions, billing, and order logistics.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023

Dreamforce 2023 made it clear that Salesforce is powering ahead with new innovations, especially AI, to transform customer experiences. Key themes included:


  • Embedding Einstein AI deeper into clouds like Sales, Service, and Media.
  • Launching Einstein 1 as a data engine across products.
  • Offering Unlimited Plus as an integrated enterprise CRM suite.
  • Expanding Revenue Cloud for broader revenue process workflows.
  • Committing to ethical AI practices through Einstein Trust Layer transparency.

Collaboration and starting small were consistent messages around shaping AI responsibly. With all the exciting announcements, Dreamforce highlighted how Salesforce is evolving into a more unified, intelligent, and automated platform.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023 | Pracedo | Summit Salesforce Partner

Take Advantage of the Latest Salesforce Innovations

As a leading Salesforce Summit Partner, Pracedo can help you capitalise on these latest innovations. Our team of certified Salesforce experts can assist with:


  • Implementing Einstein 1 to unify your data sources into actionable insights.
  • Adopting Unlimited Plus for an end-to-end customer view.
  • Expanding your use of AI capabilities like Einstein Article Recommendations.
  • Upgrading to Revenue Cloud for modern configure-price-quote processes.
  • Developing an ethical AI approach tailored to your business.

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