Driving Digital Transformation With Salesforce

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived, and it’s fuelled by data. No longer are machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence buzzwords you see in the media. Now they’re accessible solutions for businesses that want to increase their efficiency, empower their teams with intelligent decision making and drive revenue.


This change is a major factor in the emergence of a new breed of self-service CRM engagement and analytics tools that help drive efficiency, increase adoption and boost business intelligence.


By empowering customers with no coding or data science expertise, these tools simplify how nontechnical users engage with data, making it increasingly accessible and easier for businesses to use. However, these tools can only be effective if you invest in the right technology and people to drive it to deliver results.

Technology boosting business intelligence

Take Salesforce, for example, the world’s #1 CRM that’s used to drive digital transformation, increase adoption and increase organisational efficiency. Salesforce gives its users the power to form insights from data to drive better decision making and alleviate resources. The easy-to-use dashboard, for example, makes use of elements such as Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, which uses machine learning to provide recommendations for your business based on past experience.


Einstein is the most advanced AI for CRM, which improves and brings AI to its customers – making business intelligence simple and accessible for more than 150,000 Salesforce customers worldwide.


These benefits create a smaller gap between sales reps and C-Suite executives when it comes to accessing actionable data insights. They empower whole organisations with increased organisational visibility and use a single source of truth, for better decision making.


But to achieve this, Salesforce has invested in a huge data team that can periodically update and maintain its system, so its customers can benefit from the latest technology, and alleviate their business from the stresses of having to do it themselves. This means that customers aren’t burdened with ongoing costs to drive results from skilled workers, but instead, they’ll need a Salesforce partner, like ourselves to help them get set up and make the most out of using this powerful solution at the beginning of their journey.

Increasing efficiency with automation

The simplification of user tools is an important part of the fourth industrial revolution. Now you don’t need a data science team to automate manual processes and get AI insights. Salesforce does it for you with just a few clicks, empowering everyone in your organisation to reap the benefits of increased efficiency for your business.


Data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to acquire customers than their peers (Forbes). That’s no surprise, given that organisations using optimisation technology like Salesforce tend to see increased benefits like improved customer engagement, improved customer service and reduced operational cost savings.


Many Pracedo customers are interested in harnessing the power of AI and data to increase efficiency. They do this by adding prediction, automation and optimisation capabilities into decision-making across Salesforce. Salesforce can help by accelerating data science projects and automating the AI lifecycle. With Salesforce, we help our customers to acquire, analyse, integrate and automate data processes, so they can innovate faster than ever before, with assisted insights from Salesforce.


From lead to loyalty, Salesforce empowers our customers to better understand their customers and market. They’re able to discover new opportunities, create personalised experiences that delight customers, learn across silos for more accurate insights and drive greater impact at every turn. Automated processes through the entire customer journey, drive operational efficiencies that will help them maximise profitability and increase business insights. This enables our customers to gain more insights, take smarter actions and ultimately delight every customer.


By using Salesforce, we can create intelligent insights that adapt to changing needs of the user, drive business intelligence initiatives with predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms and offer real-time intelligence. Our customers are able to increase profitability through increased loyalty and retention.

Driving success with the right Salesforce partner

As the market leader in Salesforce consulting and digital transformation, we understand the dizzying pace of technological change and know that businesses need to adapt quickly. That’s why we offer customers a full range of consulting and digital transformation solutions to help customers make sense of data-driven AI for their unique business needs, while integrating existing data points to make their technology smarter and more accurate, in addition to delivering training to increase adoption. 


Salesforce has a long history of empowering change agents to succeed in this new era of business through its intelligent cloud platform. The company’s DNA was built on innovation—from inventing multi-tenant SaaS to pioneering mobile computing and artificial intelligence—and it continues today with breakthrough technologies like Einstein AI.


Our mission is to give people the power to achieve greater organisational success. And that’s why we’ve spent the last decade helping customers across the globe to increase their efficiency with Salesforce. The results have been impressive, with companies like Web loyalty and Infopro using Salesforce to create intelligent solutions to manage complex processes and uncover new opportunities faster.


The possibilities are endless for our customers… The question is, are you ready? If you want to learn about how you can drive efficiency with Salesforce, then please get in touch.


Pracedo is an award-winning Summit (Platinum) Salesforce Consulting Partner that delivers innovative Salesforce implementations to forward-thinking customers.


With over a decade of experience focused on Salesforce, we work with our customers to unlock the platform’s power through tailored implementations that facilitate achieving business goals and ambitions. Our talented team of over 80 Salesforce professionals globally means that Pracedo offers a boutique consultancy experience, delivered locally to you, with the breadth and depth of knowledge earned from delivering over 1000 projects across our locations.


Pracedo specialises in Digital Transformation and Change Management. Implementations and customisations include: Salesforce Sales CloudSalesforce Service CloudSalesforce Marketing CloudSalesforce Marketing Cloud Account EngagementSalesforce Revenue CloudSalesforce Experience Cloud and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

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