How Can I Customise Sales Cloud To My Business?

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a platform designed to support sales and account management. Salesforce customisation is important for businesses that want to get the most out of their CRM. By customising Salesforce, businesses can add specific features that are unique to their business needs to improve their overall efficiency. These features can be integrated with your business to have a scalable impact and provide an extension of functionality that will extend beyond Salesforce’s core product.


Sales Cloud has three categories of customisable components: Functionality, Integrations and UI (User Interface). In this article, we’ll explore how you can customise functions, integrate apps and adapt the interface for improved UI and branding.

Which Salesforce functions can be customised to your business?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a great tool on its own, but if you want to truly increase your teams’ efficiency, then some custom features can boost your productivity. Customising system function entities such as objects, fields, reports and dashboards can help ensure that Sales Cloud reflects your business needs and processes. In doing this, you can create custom formulas that can be used throughout Salesforce Sales Cloud. 


Here are a few of the ways that Salesforce functions can revolutionise your Sales Cloud platform through customisation:


  • Custom Reports
    Reports generated on Sales Cloud are often standard and might not meet all the needs of your business. Customising these reports to better suit your specific requirements can give you a competitive edge and deeper insights into your operations. Sales Cloud allows you to build reports without the need for IT. With drag and drop fields, filters, groupings or charts, you can have a real-time view of your business and its sales performance, from anywhere, at any time.


  • Custom Fields
    Salesforce offers many options for customising the information that you track about your leads and customers. In some cases, Salesforce’s default fields may not be enough to capture all of the data points you want to capture about leads or customers. In these cases, custom fields can be added to track the information more accurately. This means that fields can match the right terminology that your business and industry uses, for more seamless data capturing.

What are Salesforce Objects and can they be customised in Sales Cloud?

In a nutshell, Salesforce Objects are the foundation on which Salesforce is built. Objects are the components of your database and a Digital Tablet that contains critical information about businesses. Given Salesforce’s complexity, these Objects construct the operational structure that drives the platform. They also serve as a sort of framework, quite like different MS Excel Tablets add functionality to the tool.


Standard objects

Sales Cloud comes with out of the box standard objects. These include accounts, contacts, opportunities and leads. These are intended to give you an end-to-end setup for the whole sales process for revenue generation. Let’s look at them in more detail.


  • Leads describe potential sales opportunities or new customers. They might come from a broad range of sources which might include your website, emails or an event.


  • Accounts describe the organisations that you do business with. Over time, these will become the centre of your object relationships, as you continue to conduct business.


  • Contacts describe the people communicate with. They sit behind the accounts and organisations you do business with.


  • Opportunities describe the qualified deals your sales team are working on. They help you track critical information, for example, deal values and close dates.


Custom objects

On top of the already existing Salesforce functions that Salesforce offers as standard, you can also develop completely new modules for your business. These Custom Objects allow you to add a completely new object in Salesforce, which is specific to your requirements. Custom objects offer an infinite number of possibilities to track anything you want. Let’s look at two real-world uses for Custom Objects.


  • Care or education settings: Emergency contacts: A home care company may want to track Emergency Contacts and link them to individual patients. In this scenario, a Custom Relationship Object could be established to store information about the Emergency Contact without cluttering up a contact record. This type of object is also used by schools and education settings.


  • E-commerce organisations: Shipping and delivery: An e-commerce company might wish to store individual shipping and delivery information in one place so that it’s easier to refer back to when customer service agents need it. The e-commerce company could integrate their e-commerce platform with Sales Cloud and create a custom to hold shipping and delivery information, so it’s easily accessible for customer service agents.
Here we’ve explored some basic examples of Custom Objects in use, however, the possibilities for Custom Objects are almost limitless if you work with award-winning Platinum Salesforce partners, like ourselves. Your Sales Cloud investment can be a game-changer for you if you work with the right Salesforce partner to help you get the most out of its powerful tools.

Can I integrate custom apps with Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Does your company have an external system or software that is essential to be linked to your Sales Cloud? This could be your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Intranet or even Human Resource Management (HRM) Software. Well, good news, you can integrate them all within your Salesforce Sales Cloud platform. 


Depending on the systems your business uses, there may be a need to utilise an integration platform such as Mulesoft or Dell Boomi to integrate those systems with Salesforce. Pracedo is poised to help you determine the “what” and “how” of integrating your systems with Salesforce. This can help you streamline multi-departmental processes, increase visibility and ultimately accelerate sales.

Is it possible to customise the user interface of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Your Salesforce Sales Cloud platform should reflect your brand, and this can be achieved by customising it with your logo and brand colours. In addition to that, the ability to customise page layouts should benefit your employees by bringing them a better user experience while using Sales Cloud. A person’s work environment has an effect on them; so taking advantage of Salesforce Sales Cloud customisations will help teams feel more comfortable to take full advantage of its technology.


If your needs are more complex, then Visualforce or Lightning Components allow you to take customisation one step further. With Visualforce, you can modify the entire appearance and feel of Sales Cloud, thanks to custom visual force pages. It allows for an infinite number of customised settings, but changing them in-house might be difficult due to the skill required to make it happen. That’s why we would recommend using a Salesforce implementation partner, like us to take the technical burden off your shoulders.

Customise Sales Cloud To My Business

The benefits of using a Salesforce partner for customisation

A Salesforce partner can identify what your company demands to assist you to create a bespoke Salesforce solution that is tailored to your specific needs. This will allow Salesforce Sales Cloud to work more effectively and efficiently. But it’s critical that you choose the right Salesforce provider who can help you get ahead in this competitive market. Experienced Salesforce partners can create custom Lightning components, Apex triggers, VisualForce pages, and Validation Rules and Flows to perform custom actions and help you to get a Sales Cloud experience that reflects your business processes.


By involving a Platinum Partner like us, you can:


  • Ensure that your Sales Cloud solution is built to your bespoke needs, using recommended best practices and scalable methods.


  • Set automation up for when you launch, resulting in a more efficient Salesforce Sales Cloud platform that can save you time and resources.


  • Alleviate pressure on your teams to mould the platform to their needs, without the right technical knowledge or training. 


  • Benefit from our team’s technical knowledge and their experience in building digital transformation projects successfully. 


  • Give your teams the start with Salesforce with our custom training, to ensure they can get the most out of your custom configurations.


  • Save time and money, by fast-tracking your custom needs with expert teams who have the right knowledge and project management skills to ensure that your platform will launch when you need it to. 


If you’re ready to jumpstart your Salesforce Sales Cloud journey to success, then our team of experienced Salesforce Consultants can help you. Salesforce, as a platform, can seem overwhelming and our Salesforce experts can do much of the heavy lifting for you. Choose a Salesforce Partner that understands your needs and has a history of successful Salesforce implementations. To find out how Pracedo can help with Salesforce Sales Cloud, get in touch today on +442035100910 or click here to schedule a call with our Consultants.


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