Increase Intelligence. Automate. Optimise.


The Challenge

Webloyalty provide customer engagement and loyalty solutions, helping their partners in the retail, travel and leisure industry incentivise more frequent and valuable interactions with their customers.

The team was already using Salesforce but wanted to improve the intelligence they had as a business.

The challenge was to improve business intelligence by:​

  • Developing insight with increased tracking and reporting

  • Producing better outcomes by optimising existing processes.

  • Improving efficiency by automating the sending of emails.

The Solution

Pracedo implemented Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement (previously known as Pardot) and trained the team to take full advantage of its capabilities.

Implementing Marketing Cloud - Account Engagement

Webloyalty decided to use Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement which would give them insight into previously untracked processes, automation email tools and reporting.

Training Staff For Success

Training incorporated stakeholders from different teams and looked at specific use cases to see how it could benefit them directly. The training focused on enabling and giving the Webloyalty team the skills needed to take Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement to the next level.

Webloyalty gained 1 hour + of time per week to nurture leads

The Impact

Webloyalty were able to revolutionalise their website from a shop window to a lead nurturing purchasing funnel tool.

  • Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement’s automation tools now give Webloyalty the ability to reduce time on manual processes. 

  • The Sales team gained at least an hour back every week, which they use to nurture their leads. 

  • Webloyalty can now build and nurture leads with Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement.

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