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The Fathering Project - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - Nonprofit Success Pack

As of 2021, Australia’s population comprises approximately 4.6 million dads, with an estimated 2.2 million dads currently with children aged under 18. With a prevalent work-from-home situation, not just mothers but also fathers are spending more time with their children, letting the fathering role rapidly evolve.


The Fathering Project (TFP), a charity that was founded in 2013, recognises the vital role fathers play in children’s lives and aims to support fathers and father figures to be the best parent they can be so their children can thrive. They do this by educating, connecting and mobilising fathers and families through engaging prevention and early intervention programs as well as various resources.

The Challenge

Thanks to the success and high demand for TFP’s support services, the company has expanded nationally across Australia and has gone through incredible transformation ever since its incorporation nearly a decade ago. With many new employees joining the team and even more dads as well as volunteers joining the community, the TFP team realised that their existing legacy systems would no longer be capable of supporting the charity’s momentum of growth and that more efficient solutions needed to be implemented.


TFP has been facing two internal challenges:


  • To share internal processes (i.e. the management of members in the dad groups) and business information and store community member details with the wider team, TFP has been using the work management platform as well as excel spreadsheets. However, with the constant and significant growth of TFP and their community, these platforms were no longer serving as suitable tools. Sharing data on different platforms led to confusion and decreased efficiency, and also didn’t allow the team to keep an accurate overview of individuals’ details amidst the sheer amount of data listed in the spreadsheets. As TFP aspired to create wholesome community member profiles and foster relationships, could not accommodate this need as such options for correlated data connections are not available within that particular platform.
  • Frequent marketing and communication assets (newsletters, event reminders, etc.) were distributed to TFP’s different stakeholder groups via This all-in-one integrated marketing platform did not allow the team to promote their events and programs as efficiently and diversely as they wanted to.
The Fathering Project - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - Nonprofit Success Pack, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
The Fathering Project - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - Nonprofit Success Pack, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

The Solution

Pracedo helped the TFP team tackle these challenges by implementing the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), and Salesforce Maps.


NPSP was implemented to provide TFP with both a single source of truth as well as a solution that enables best-practice relationship management. Thanks to NPSP’s unified view of data across fundraising, engagement and business programs, TFP now has all their business data and stakeholder details consolidated into one place.

Pracedo further implemented the NPSP Program Management module add-on, enabling enhanced management and tracking of company programs overall.


With their national expansion, TFP also witnessed a rapid growth of their volunteer network. The team hence needed to ensure that these volunteers were managed in the best possible way:


  • The Volunteer for Salesforce solution enabled them greatly in doing so, as it allows the team to oversee volunteers’ shifts and hours, track and report on all of the data as well as facilitate public signups through their website.


  • Additionally, the Pracedo team deployed Salesforce Maps, which helped TFP visualise their Salesforce data – including all available support services as well as stakeholders – efficiently. Moving forward, this implementation allows team members to clearly see where programs (i.e. dad groups) take place or where community members are located.


Lastly, TFP was introduced to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, a well-established marketing automation solution. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement enables the TFP Marketing team to not just automate marketing and communication processes, but more so to create, schedule, and/or send e-mails more efficiently.

The Impact

With Pracedo’s Salesforce implementations, TFP now experiences benefits across all business verticals: The team is provided with a single source of truth for all their data, reducing team members’ efforts of dealing with data. The NPSP solution makes TFP’s data easy to overview, consistent and always accessible. This in turn further enables the team to make data-driven decisions, as meaningful insights are provided for all types of business initiatives at any time.


  • Having all details about individuals on a single platform facilitates the team in building greater relationships and connecting with all sorts of stakeholders in a more meaningful way.
  • Heading into 2022, TFP will be able to conveniently grow the charity with their mind at ease, as the new, robust company systems accommodate their scaling objectives and provide a 360-degree view of both their operation and constituents.
  • Thanks to the automation opportunities coming along with these newly-implemented integrations (such as Xero, Raisely, etc.), TFP is also able to drastically reduce staff’s general administrative efforts. This allows them to invest their time into areas that have the most invaluable impact, namely their great range of support services and their community.
The Fathering Project - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - Nonprofit Success Pack, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

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