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The Challenge

Technique Solutions (TS) is a dynamic, progressive and focused safety gear provider based in Melbourne. The Technique Solutions team is dedicated to making a positive impact on the industrial sector by increasing worker productivity whilst enhancing safety in high-risk areas.

To date, TS was using Salesforce along with the business software Netsuite as their enterprise resource planning system. The integration between both systems was facilitated with a legacy integration platform.


However, due to the complexity of the integration, TS faced many integration challenges and required an integration solution that could easily be managed.

Technique Solutions - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - MuleSoft Composer
Technique Solutions - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - MuleSoft Composer

The Solution

Pracedo implemented the Salesforce solution Mulesoft Composer in order to replace the legacy integration platform.


  • To facilitate and simplify TS’s integration of Salesforce and Netsuite, Pracedo implemented the no-code solution Mulesoft Composer – an integration product that enables a quick and easy connection of data (i.e. Apps and systems) to and from Salesforce without any hindrances.
  • Mulesoft Composer presented the perfect solution for TS’ challenges thanks to its maintainability, scalability and general ease of use as opposed to the legacy integration.

The Impact

Thanks to Pracedo’s replacement of the legacy integration platform with Salesforce’s Mulesoft Composer, TS now have a robust and reliable integration solution between their CRM Salesforce and their enterprise resource planning system Netsuite.


Benefits of this new implementation include:

  • TS’ business process stayed the same but the prevalent integration challenges were successfully removed by leveraging Mulesoft Composer, ensuring the TS team that their two systems are tightly integrated.
  • Mulesoft Composer allows TS to quickly unlock and integrate data as well as automate integration workflows. With TS’ employees no longer being required to reconcile records of both systems, a vast amount of time can be saved and the organisation’s system integration maintained with ease.
Technique Solutions - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - MuleSoft Composer

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