Ricoh #PowerUp with Pracedo

Ricoh is a global provider of technology that transforms business processes and information management to help organisations be more agile, productive and profitable. Their systems are designed to grow as their customers do and they pride themselves on their extensive global support network which provides the help you need when and where you need it.


Ricoh have a lengthy sales cycle which involves a complex trial aspect for their inkjet printing business, which runs across the business and technical teams- from engaging new leads at the top of the funnel through to proof of concept build and ultimately to order. Ricoh did not have a holistic view of the customer and was having to manage their business processes manually on an outdated database.


This did not facilitate automation and resulted in unnecessary administration and a lengthy and clunky sales cycle. In addition, reporting and data visualisation were difficult, with no easy way to view performance, pipeline or track where Customers were in the lifecycle.

‘Pracedo delivered impressive lateral thinking on this project!’

Richard Darling (Ricoh Strategic Business Development Manager)


Pracedo worked closely with Ricoh and Salesforce to understand the challenges Ricoh faced with their existing infrastructure. We identified a need for a combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Custom Development, to create a tailored platform that would facilitate Ricoh’s business processes. Ricoh wanted to get up and running as quickly as possible, so Pracedo worked closely with their Key Stakeholders through our signature Design and Define phase to map current business processes, and identify efficiencies.

We then built these into the platform, leveraging Salesforce’s native platform functionality and powerful automation, and layering custom functionality to meet Ricoh’s needs. Pracedo worked with Ricoh to understand their KPIs around reporting and analytics, creating custom Dashboards that would easily enable Ricoh to see real-time key metrics leveraging the centralised Salesforce data, that are easily customised through click and drag functionality, removing the need for admin-heavy reporting efforts.

‘Ricoh was a great customer to work with. They were always proactive during discussions about configuration of the platform, and were really engaged with the project and the solution’

Luca Anzaghi (Pracedo Consultant)


The custom platform aligns both the business and technical teams which have helped to improve communication company-wide. The move to Salesforce will give Ricoh increased visibility across their database and help to create a single source of truth. The improved visibility worked alongside automation to improve business efficiency.

‘Luca has been a fantastic teacher. I have learnt a lot from him these past few months!’

Sally Stewart (Ricoh Customer Relationship Specialist)

Customer Success

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