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Perkbox Salesforce Trailblazer as a service case study

The Challenge

Perkbox is a global employee benefit and rewards platform that houses over 1000 perks and discounts for business employees. Perkbox is starting an employee experience revolution by bringing employee benefits, wellbeing, feedback and recognition together in one platform. They firmly believe that investing in the employee experience creates happier, more motivated workforces.

  • Perkbox had launched an internal Salesforce project but lacked the in-house talent to successfully complete it.


  • They were facing issues with their Salesforce instance and required changes to run their Salesforce in the most efficient manner.
Perkbox Customer Success Story Trailblazers Salesforce Pracedo

The Solution

Pracedo worked with Perkbox to identify the issues across their Salesforce instance and create a plan to support their new project.


  • Pracedo’s Trailblazer as a service was suggested to Perkbox. This helped them train their internal staff and equip them with the right knowledge & resources for everything that Salesforce has to offer.


  • We helped uncover several required changes to the Salesforce instance of Perkbox. in line with Salesforce best practices to support the Revenue operations team.

The Impact

Pracedo’s Trailblazer as a Service offering has given Perkbox seamless business continuity.


  • We immediately became part of the team getting up to speed quickly and took an advisory role to support.


  • Pracedo’s enablement training introduced them to new processes and apps to enhance sales processes. Efficiencies have now been improved across the board by reducing areas for custom code and updates are easy to manage and maintain.

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