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The Challenge

Paignton Zoo is a non-profit organisation based in Devon, England, which is owned by the conservation and research charity Wild Planet Trust.

Paignton Zoo faced various challenges with its internal marketing and data management processes, including siloed systems, manual workloads, and a need for more personalised communications.


  • Paignton Zoo was hampered by siloed systems, with a disconnect between their ticketing and marketing systems hindering their ability to utilise customer data for communications effectively.
  • The siloed data streams resulted in manual workloads and disjointed processes throughout the organisation.
  • Lack of marketing automation and advanced processes throughout the organisation further contributed to manual workloads, limiting efficiency and productivity interdepartmentally.
  • Paignton Zoo needed to leverage transactional data to provide personalised and targeted communications to customers, leaving opportunities for engagement and growth untapped.
  • The siloed data streams and processes left Paignton Zoo with an incomplete view of their customers, making it difficult to understand and analyse customer patterns, limiting their ability to improve their marketing strategies.

The Solution

Pracedo provided a comprehensive solution to address these challenges by migrating the customer to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and integrating their marketing and transactional data with their Salesforce CRM.


  • By centralising all data into NPSP Cloud, including redirecting transactional (purchases) via a third-party connector from Merac EPOS system, a central source of truth was created for marketing, customer and transactional data.
  • The automated marketing journey Pracedo created in Journey Builder targeted customers with relevant content before and after their Zoo visit, boosting engagement and subscription rates.
  • Pracedo empowered the customer to create and send newsletters effectively with training on Marketing Cloud functionalities, including the drag and drop content builder.
  • Pracedo’s custom preference centre, created with code, provided a single source of truth, on-brand look, and GDPR compliance. Data was mapped directly to Salesforce, allowing them to maintain a central source of truth.

The Impact

Pracedo’s solution delivered remarkable outcomes for Paignton Zoo, including growth in email subscribers, improved engagement metrics, and streamlined marketing processes.


  • We centralised the customer’s data to create a single source of truth bringing their data streams together which in-turn, provided increased ability to personalise their marketing campaigns accurately. It also gave the Zoo a better understanding of their customer base for more targeted efforts.
  • Pracedo’s solution nearly tripled the customer’s email subscribers with improved open rates, click-through rates, greater functionality and flexibility compared to their previous email platform.
  • Automated processes set up by Pracedo improved email list segmentation, saving the customer’s team time every week and leading to more efficient use of resources and improved marketing precision.

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