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Pracedo salesforce partner and consultancy - OKA customer story

The Challenge

OKA offers exquisite, unique collections of furniture and accessories that are designed to inspire practical living and effortless entertaining. 

OKA offers exquisite, unique collections of furniture and accessories that are designed to inspire practical living and effortless entertaining. 

OKA had a disconnect between their service, sales and fulfilment teams.

  • There was poor visibility across the departments due to OKA having multiple data sources and systems.

  • Without a single source of truth, OKA had conflicting data outputs that led to inaccurate visibility over performance.

  • A high number of manual processes led to large data duplications.

  • The lack of validation, automation and tracked communication created huge margins for error in OKA’s data.

The Solution

In order to create visibility over the end to end customer journey, we implemented Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.


To kick off the project we held a number of workshops to provide consultancy in reviewing, simplifying and mapping processes. This allowed us to create a journey across departments and systems in order to provide a more seamless experience for employees and customers.


As part of this project, Pracedo configured a custom sales process that also involved supporting OKA in their Elucid ERP Integration to help them capture sale information. This integration was a short term stop gap prior to moving OKA to a Netsuite Integration to provide a view over actual sales, order fulfilment, and payments.


On the Service side, OKA were using FreshDesk, which we replaced with Service Cloud to provide advanced case management for both the B2B and B2C teams. This also included tailored service levels per customer type to drive clienteling and luxury service based on spend tiers and integrated telephony for a true omnichannel experience. In creating custom objects in wishlists and stock availability We were able to provide OKA with a single view of data in order to provide a best in class customer service experience.

The Impact

Our project with OKA has created a single view of their customers, which in turn allows OKA to deliver better customer service with an increased understanding of the customer journey. They have enhanced access to quality data, which has helped to build detailed customer profiles.


OKA can effectively manage their customer correspondence and Managers have greater insight into the queries that are received. Robust reporting included throughout the build brings new awareness around team efficiency and is helping to develop more intelligent workforce management.


The project has provided Oka with the insights they need to be able to give the seamless, luxury customer experience that is expected of their brand. With greater visibility over the performance and productivity of their teams, Oka have ensured that they can continue to learn from and level up with every customer interaction.

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