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MDA - Nonprofit Cloud - Payments2Us - Volunteers for Salesforce - Pracedo - Salesforce Partner Consultancy

The Challenge

Muscular Dystrophy Australia (MDA) is a registered NDIS provider and is the one stop shop for information and support for people living with over 60 neuromuscular conditions.

MDA had been using a custom-built legacy system for several years. However, they wanted to move on to Salesforce, as their legacy system was not able to accommodate for their organisation’s growth:


  • MDA’s legacy system didn’t provide the team a holistic view on their members, donors, donations, grants, merchandise sales and volunteers
  • Volunteer information was spread across different spreadsheets and files
  • This made volunteer management a seemingly insurmountable challenge
  • Payments were managed with a custom solution that was integrated with MDA’s website. However, that solution was not configurable with Salesforce
MDA - Nonprofit Cloud - Payments2Us - Volunteers for Salesforce - Pracedo - Salesforce Partner Consultancy
MDA - Nonprofit Cloud - Payments2Us - Volunteers for Salesforce - Pracedo - Salesforce Partner Consultancy

The Solution

Pracedo implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Volunteers for Salesforce and Payments2Us.


  • With the NPSP implementation, MDA are enabled to maximise their fundraising and membership management as they can now store all information in one single source of truth
  • Volunteers for Salesforce allows MDA to maximise their volunteer management by staying on top of their volunteers’ activities. With their plan of running major events in the foreseeable future, their event coordination will be a much smoother and optimised process too
  • Salesforce Product functionality was implemented to enable tracking of merchandise sales connected to opportunities
  • Pracedo also implemented Payments2Us. They can now receive and manage monetary fundraising and membership contributions and get customer receipts created automatically within Salesforce

The Impact

Thanks to Pracedo’s replacement of MDA’s legacy CRM with Salesforce NPSP, Volunteers for Salesforce and Payments2Us, MDA now enjoys the benefits of a maximised membership, volunteer and funding management.


  • Thanks to the smooth data migration and NPSP configuration, they now have a holistic view of their members, merchandise sales and volunteers available at any time
  • Having all information stored within the Salesforce platform positively impacts MDA’s engagement with their constituents overall, as users are across details and conversations with all individuals
  • With the Payments2Us configuration, MDA can now manage their website donations (one-off and recurring) as well as receipts and annual statements with ease
  • MDA’s volunteer management is now more efficient in identifying and allocating volunteers for specific roles at events
With all information about constituents being stored in one single source of truth, MDA is able to maintain a holistic view and manage their members and volunteers with greatest efficiency.

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