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Wildlife Victoria - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

The Challenge

Wildlife Victoria are a renowned charity based in Melbourne that helps and protects wildlife through its rescue service, education and advocacy activities.

The Wildlife Victoria team started their Salesforce journey in 2020, by implementing the Nonprofit Cloud Success Pack solution. Additionally, they purchased Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, previously known as Pardot, in September last year, as they wanted to drive better engagement with their volunteers and donors.


  • Due to knowledge gaps, the team did not know how to properly leverage Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and its features.
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement emails could not be sent to existing contacts in Salesforce due to the wrong data configuration in place.

The Solution

After conducting a thorough health check of Wildlife Victoria’s current Marketing Cloud Account Engagement implementation, Pracedo optimised their Marketing Cloud Account Engagement configuration in various ways:


  • Our consultants properly integrated Marketing Cloud Account Engagement into their Salesforce and configured domain management settings, so that the team could start sending emails from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to their audiences and create company-branded URLs for their marketing assets.
  • We further enabled the connected campaign feature in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, allowing the team to connect their Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement campaigns and obtain a wholesome view of their audiences’ multiple touchpoints across all channels.
  • Wildlife Victoria’s existing donor and volunteer contacts in Salesforce were imported to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and segmented with relevant automation rules, allowing the team to engage with all audiences through the one platform moving forward.
  • We also hosted an extensive Marketing Cloud Account Engagement training session, which upskilled the team in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement best practices, such as creating landing pages and EDMs as well as successful engagement journeys.

The Impact

Wildlife Victoria is now able to use Marketing Cloud Account Engagement effectively with Salesforce, which enables the team to maximise their donor and volunteer engagement.


  • Thanks to the data migration of Salesforce leads and contacts into Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, the team can now successfully distribute EDMs to all their target audiences.
  • With the efficient marketing automation and improved usability of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement overall, Wildlife Victoria drives a higher ROI from their Salesforce investment.
  • Wildlife Victoria now also benefit from an optimised marketing approach, as the new, company-specific URL ensures integrated branding across all assets.


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