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The Challenge

Infopro is a global information provider that offers a subscription service to its editorial content and data services. They also host industry events and awards ceremonies from their offices in New York, Hong Kong and London.


Infopro had a number of difficulties across their existing system. The structure of their business meant there were multiple revenue streams across multiple brands. Over time each of these brands had developed different platforms and unique processes.


The challenge was to give Infopro one single source of truth that could allow them to easily analyse, evaluate and automate so that they could build efficient and effective processes:


  • Disparate systems made it difficult to see the full picture and made tasks for sales, customer service, marketing and finance time-consuming.

  • Reporting was a manual process and involved a lot of reverse engineering. This influenced pricing which became unstandardised, with fluctuations from region to region.

  • Customer service were not using a formal platform and were managing cases through Outlook. This meant they could not identify common pain points or analyse the data easily. 

  • Their current CRM system lacked the automation they required to take their business to the next level.

The Solution

Infopro went through a complete digital transformation replacing their existing CRM with Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ.


CPQ now helps them to formalise their complex pricing across regions by simplifying processes and products for the sales team, and helping to create accurate reports company-wide. They are also looking at extending this project through the implementation of Billing later in the year to help support their finance team, all on a single platform.


They’ve swapped their manual Outlook inbox which was used by the customer service team and have migrated their processes to Service Cloud which allows them to closely manage their customer relationships and report on trends. We also integrated Hubspot, which they were using for their marketing activity, with Salesforce to provide a single view of engagement.

The Impact

Infopro has already started to see the early signs of the impact that their digital transformation has had. They’ve on-boarded around 90 users across the sales management and customer service teams.


Infopro is especially excited about their Hubspot integration which will feed marketing data into their single source of truth and help them to cherry-pick the most qualified leads. This automation will save significant time when compared to the old manual hand over process.


Efficiencies have been improved around the finance side and a standardised price book has been created to help produce consistent, accurate and detailed reports. Reporting overall has seen increased automation and we look forward to seeing the impact that Billing will have on this as well.

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