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Holiday Extras salesforce partner consultancy marketing cloud

The Challenge

Holiday Extras are a UK market leader in the travel industry, with core offerings including airport hotels, airport parking, airport lounges, airport transfers, travel insurance, holiday car hire, airports by rail and coach and UK port parking.

Holiday Extras wanted to upgrade their marketing systems to create a seamless approach between different marketing teams in order to add visibility, increase personalisation, enable scalable growth and encourage cross collaboration.

  • Holiday Extras wanted to gain a single view of the customer and to utilise data to hyper-personalise customer journeys
  • They also wanted to replace Oracle Responsys to improve cross-collaboration with a marketing solution that adds full flexibility and offers unlimited data structures
  • In addition to this, the marketing team wanted to harness the power of a platform that uses SMS and push in a single platform for better efficiency, analysis and engagement
  • Prior to this project, the marketing team could not create emails without support from the development team

The Solution

Pracedo implemented Marketing Cloud to create a single source of truth for teams, so that cross-collaboration and visibility could improve business outcomes in an easily scalable manner.

  • Pracedo realised that they could help Holiday Extras increase their number of products per trip, acquire new customers and increase advocacy with the full flexibility that Marketing Cloud offered.
  • Email studio was setup for the Email team marketing. With this, they could act hyper-personalise emails on mass, and at scale, with dynamic content and AMPscript.
  • Email flows  were built with Journey Builder to automate run-rate communications and enhance overall customer touchpoints.
  • Marketing Cloud would enable all teams to analyse and track data from email and SMS in one platform for ease of analysis and better decision making. 
  • Holiday Extras worked with Pracedo to implement 10 business units to across the multiple product brands of the business, with a combination of shared and unique IPs.
  • Pracedo worked through a ramped rollout of each business unit with Holiday Extras, and with each unit rollout, Holiday Extras were empowered to own more and more of the build due to our hands-on collaborative methodology and customer enablement training.

The Impact

Holiday Extras have already started to see the benefits of using Marketing Cloud. 


  • Holiday Extras have now developed a customer-centric approach which has enabled them to retain engagement throughout the pandemic, while customer travel needs wavered
  • Teams now have the power to market personalised email messages at scale
  • Multiple marketing teams now have the ability to connect journeys across the Marketing Cloud platform, and map the customers lifetime value, and ROI of marketing campaigns. 
  • Email delivery rates have increased from 96.94% to 99.91% 
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