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The Challenge

Global University Systems (GUS) works to engage new students from the application process to enrolment at a number of partner universities. 

The GUS International Business Development Team wanted to improve the process by which partner agents were on-boarded and supported in submitting applications on behalf of students. 

The process to date had been very reliant on multiple documents being completed on paper or via email. This resulted in a slower process for partners to be verified, track applications submitted and calculate commission for their partners at the end of each intake.


  • The process had previously been reliant on multiple documents being completed on paper or via email.

  • The system to verify partners, track applications and calculate commission for partners was slow due to manual processes. 

  • Communication with agents was adhoc and it was challenging to share resources about partner universities. 

  • The engagement was low from agents who wanted to find out more about the universities.

Pracedo salesforce partner and consultancy - GUS customer story
Pracedo salesforce partner and consultancy - GUS customer story 2

The Solution

To ensure that GUS could onboard agents effectively, engage with them through their system and increase their intake of students, Pracedo implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud (previously known as Community Cloud) and Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement (previously known as Pardot). 

GUS was already using Salesforce products across both the B2B and B2C teams but was looking to implement Salesforce Experience and Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement for their B2B IBD Team. In order to do this, Pracedo supported in mapping out a B2B process for agents to be verified as partners. Once verified, they would then have access to the GUS community and be able to create new student leads and applications based on internal business rules.

Offer letters and contracts to support the application process were issued via Salesforce by DocuSign, one of Pracedo’s partners. Here, it was important to consider the B2C process also, as student applications were managed by a separate team. An integration with GUS’s application management system was required to streamline the process and clear access permissions in Salesforce to ensure that members of staff at GUS were able to access the right information, at the right time.

The Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement implementation was unique to GUS as it had previously been used by the B2C team and the intended purpose for the B2B team would be very different. We then worked with the GUS IBD Marketing team to set up a new Business Unit which would specifically be used to communicate with partner agents. This would be used both to support the onboarding process and continue educational and marketing content throughout the partnership. As part of the implementation, Enablement Training was offered to the whole team, as well as a number of ‘build with me’ sessions which powered them up to use Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement to its full potential.

The Impact

GUS completely transformed customer service and engagement.


GUS has successfully onboarded the first trial group of their partner agents and is coaching them through using the portal. The marketing team have created two Engagement Journeys which they are using to share information about both transactional and educational content. This is training the agents and allowing the team to review content before adding more agents to the journeys.

Beyond onboarding the 30 agents and 8 brands, they have also completely transformed their customer service team, by implementing live chat and cases for commission and application support for their partners. Guaranteeing resolution within 48 hours!

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