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Gestalt Therapy Australia - Salesforce partner consultancy - FormAssembly and Xero

The Challenge

Gestalt Therapy Australia (GTA) is a centre of excellence in gestalt therapy training and psychotherapy education services based in Melbourne.

GTA had been using Sales Cloud since 2021, but needed to improve and enhance their current website forms and payment gateway solution Xero:

  • GTA were hosting forms on their website that were built using FormAssembly, to capture application and enrollment information and pass it through to Sales Cloud to create and update Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Application records. However, the forms were very basic, and weren’t capturing the information required to complete their internal application and enrolment processes.
  • The integration between Salesforce and Xero was not triggering invoices at the correct stage of the application/enrolment process.
  • Communication to potential students on the progress of their application to Gestalt was a manual process and was carried out on an ad-hoc basis.

The Solution

Pracedo enhanced GTA’s Xero Integration and FormAssembly forms, and further created a series of email templates within their Salesforce instance:


  • Pracedo built out three new FormAssembly forms for GTA for their application and enrolment process. These forms ensure that all information is captured and enable acknowledgement gates, with applicants confirming they understood all obligations.
  • Sales Cloud was enhanced with custom fields, modified page layouts and automated flows to update the contact, account, opportunity and application objects. 
  • The Xero integration was modified so that course fee invoices are triggered for full or partial payments, depending on the payment option selected during the application process.
  • To automate application-related communications, a series of email templates were created within Salesforce. Applicants now receive a full copy of their application, and a task notification is sent to the GTA team, so they can take action.

The Impact

Thanks to Pracedo’s enhancements, GTA can now benefit from a maximised application and enrolment process as well as enhanced integrations within their Salesforce instance.


  • Thanks to the new website forms, the relevant applicants’ information can be captured correctly, and respective Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities are created automatically within Salesforce. 
  • With application-related communication being automated within Salesforce, student engagement is now maximised, and enrollment staff is freed up for other important tasks.
  • The Xero enhancement facilitates GTA to offer a more flexible and up-to-date payment process to their students.

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