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Genmark Transforms Lead-to-Order Process for Global Growth

The challenge

A Fractured, Manual Lead-to-Order Process

Genmark, a trailblazing manufacturer of Gensets for Reefer Containers, played a vital role in global trade by providing innovative energy solutions. However, they recognised that their reliance on manual processes constrained their growth potential. Realising this, they seized an opportunity to modernise their lead-to-order process in preparation for future scalability. 

Genmark used an outdated sales process that involved spreadsheets, scattered data, email exchanges, and manual work. This approach created various challenges:

Revenue Leakage

The manual lead capture processes used by Genmark resulted in missed opportunities and lost prospects due to delays.

Limited Visibility

A heavy reliance on spreadsheets hindered the effective tracking and nurturing of leads.

Efficiency Barriers

The absence of quoting and e-signature automation led to significant bottlenecks and delays in signing customer deals.

Siloed Data

Disjointed sales and finance data spread across multiple systems deprived Genmark of a single customer view.

Reporting Blind Spots

Disparate systems left Genmark without clear sales insights or metrics.

The solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Turning Point

To revolutionise their lead-to-order workflow, Genmark joined forces with Pracedo, leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud’s capabilities to catalyse growth by enhancing sales process efficiency through automation. Pracedo was instrumental in driving Genmark’s success, implementing key innovations that transformed their business operations.

“When we started with Genmark, their reliance on manual processes was really holding them back from accelerating growth globally. Our approach was to first deeply understand their current pain points and inefficiencies in the lead-to-order workflow. We then strategically applied key features of Salesforce Sales Cloud to solve those bottlenecks and transform their processes for future scale.” – Mariana Stefani, Consultant at Pracedo.

Seamless Lead Workflows

A meticulously crafted custom workflow seamlessly capturead leads from Genmark's website. This ensured that the leads are being captured and created in Salesforce Sales Cloud and being sent to the sales team.

Accelerated Quoting

Conga's was installed to automate quoting and give Genmark e-signature functionalities within Sales Cloud. This would help expedite Genmark's deal closure process and ensure they had a tracked, secure process.

Unified Finance

FlexConnect, an ISV solution, was used to integrate Exact Online’s financial data with Salesforce Sales Cloud. With their financial data now flowing within Salesforce, Genmark gained a comprehensive 360-degree customer view.

Smart Opportunity Management

Product tagging within Salesforce Sales Cloud streamlined quoting by linking inventory directly to deals.

At-a-glance Reporting

Custom reports created by Pracedo offered real-time visibility into Genmark’s conversion

By automating tasks such as lead assignment, follow-up reminders, and quote generation, we’ve been able to reduce manual workload and streamline our workflow. One specific instance  was when we implemented automated email notifications for lead follow-up. This ensured that no leads fell through the cracks, resulting in quicker response times and higher conversion rates.

Kris Delfos

Account Manager

The Impact

Growth Powered by Automation

Streamlined, Scalable Lead-to-Order Processes

Following the integration of Sales Cloud, Genmark witnessed a transformation in their lead-to-order and sales process, marking a significant leap forward in their operational capabilities and business performance. This strategic move not only streamlined their processes but also significantly enhanced their efficiency, setting a new standard for excellence as they continued to scale.

“Pracedo brought immense value to the Salesforce implementation process at Genmark. Their approach was marked by a deep understanding of our business needs, which they translated effectively into Salesforce solutions. Unlike other technology partners we’ve worked with, Pracedo’s focus on collaboration and customisation tailored the Salesforce platform to our specific requirements, ensuring a seamless integration with our existing systems and processes. Their commitment to ongoing support and training further distinguished their approach, empowering our team to maximise the platform’s capabilities.” Kris Delfos, Account Manager at Genmark.

Revenue Growth

Faster lead capture translated into increased sales opportunities, while automated quoting accelerated deal closures.

Operational Efficiency

Custom workflows significantly reduced manual efforts involved in quoting and order processing.

Complete Visibility

Unified customer data enhanced accuracy in deals and forecasting.

Data-driven Optimisation

Custom reports provided invaluable insights, enabling continuous refinement of processes.

Future-Ready Scalability

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, Genmark's ambitious global growth plans were equipped for successful expansion and scalability.

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