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Genmark | Salesforce Sales Cloud | Summit Salesforce Partner

The Challenge

Genmark is an innovative company which manufactures Gensets – the most flexible solutions for supplying power to Reefer Containers.

Genmark faced challenges with their lead-to-order process, as it was not streamlined and required significant manual inputs.


  • The current process lacked scalability and relied on spreadsheets to record leads, making tracking difficult as they progressed through the conversion process
  • The lead capture process was also manual and time-consuming, leading to potential revenue loss due to missed opportunities
  • The lack of automation for quote processing and e-signature functionality resulted in a slow and tedious conversion process that relied heavily on email communication
  • Genmark required a new CRM system that seamlessly integrates with its Exact Online finance system to record data more efficiently and reduce manual inputs

The Solution

Pracedo recommended Genmark to use Salesforce Sales Cloud to streamline their lead-to-order process.


  • Pracedo worked closely with Genmark to create a custom lead process within Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • As part of this process, several custom fields were created to capture data from Genmark’s custom configurator present on their website
  • Pracedo also utilised FlexConnect to integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with Exact Online, enabling the company to automatically create orders in Exact Online
  • By enabling Genmark to tag products specific to an opportunity, Pracedo helped create accurate quotes and eliminate guesswork from the process
  • To further enhance the quoting process, Pracedo implemented Conga and created personalised Conga templates tailored to the needs of Genmark, allowing for easy e-signature facilitation
  • Pracedo created new reports for Genmark to access data about new leads, opportunities, and contacts in one central location

The Impact

Genmark now has a scalable CRM system that can facilitate future growth and international expansion.


  • Since going live with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Genmark has already experienced the benefits of a streamlined process
  • With custom fields created to capture data from Genmark’s website, the company can now approach prospects armed with information about their specific needs
  • By utilising FlexConnect to integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with Exact Online, all data is now synced and up-to-date. This provides Genmark with a 360 degree view of the customer and makes it easier for Genmark to track their progress towards achieving their business goals
  • With Conga integrated into Salesforce, the company can now send quotes and facilitate e-signatures directly from Sales Cloud, providing a seamless experience for both the company and its customers

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