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Fridays Crafted an Extraordinary Customer Experience

The challenge


Connecting a Disjointed Experience

Fridays, the iconic American restaurant chain, weren’t just selling food; they were serving up memorable dining experiences. With over 900 locations across 60 countries, their commitment to offering good food in an enjoyable setting was well-established. Yet, their ambition was to elevate the customer experience from good to great. Fridays understood the capabilities of Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Their goal was to craft a seamless customer experience using these tools. However, they faced a few hurdles:

Fragmented Data

Customer interactions across social media, emails, and in-restaurant weren't connected. This limited their customer understanding.

Manual Processes

Much of their communication and marketing was manual and disjointed. This made personalisation and automation difficult.

Disconnected Teams

With data and processes siloed, sales and service teams lacked a unified customer view. This resulted in fractured experiences.

Limited Insights

Without connected data, gaining real-time insights into the customer journey was near impossible. They wanted to make decisions based on rich insights.

The solution

Salesforce Service Cloud & Marketing Cloud

Connecting the dots

During the pandemic, Fridays needed to pivot quickly to respond to customers through more classic Customer Service channels, as their retail locations were forced to close their doors. Following a basic implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud with another partner, Fridays worked with Pracedo through an Org and Requirement review which outlined where they could maximise their existing investment in Salesforce Service Cloud, as well as where they could extend the platform to other areas of the business to create a true 360 degree view of their customers.



In partnership with Pracedo, Fridays aimed to transform the customer experience by connecting disparate data and processes using Salesforce. Service Cloud, Digital Engagement, Marketing Cloud, Ad Studio and Marketing Cloud Intelligence became the glue binding together a seamless customer journey. This transformation unified data, automated processes, and empowered teams to craft personalised journeys exceeding customer expectations. Here is how the implementation drove Fridays’ pursuit of excellence.

360-Degree Customer View

By integrating Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and social channels, Fridays achieved a unified understanding of each customer.

Intelligent Journeys

Automated, personalised email and web journeys were created using Einstein AI to engage customers in real-time.

Social + Service = Success

Social media was ingested into Salesforce Service Cloud, enabling swift responses and superior service.

Enhanced Decision-Making

With unified data, Fridays made faster, more informed decisions to optimise customer experiences.

AI-Enhanced Support

Einstein chatbots were deployed to improve First Touch Resolution, giving customers immediate, efficient solutions.

Precision Advertising

Ad Studio was implemented so Fridays could deliver precise and impactful advertising across digital channels.

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Erica Livermore


“We are delighted with our partnership with Pracedo.”

Bailey Green | Pracedo | Data Practice Director

Bailey Green

Practice Director, Pracedo

“Collaborating with Fridays marked a shift toward redefining customer engagement in the hospitality industry.”

The Impact

Seamless Solutions

A Connected, Personalised Experience

The results of Fridays’ Salesforce implementation were remarkable:

Optimised Engagement

Fridays mastered automated engagement across channels.

Team Empowerment

With unified data, sales and service teams delivered superior, personalised experiences.

Scalable Insight-driven Journeys

Insights and automated journeys empowered leaders to make data-led decisions for customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

Connected data and automated workflows reduced costs and manual processes.

Data-Driven Agility

Cross-channel insights enabled Fridays to rapidly adapt experiences based on customer needs and behaviour.

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