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EasyJet Hotel Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Success Story

The Challenge

easyHotel is an international hotel chain and franchise with headquarters in London and almost 40 hotels worldwide.

easyHotel lacked a single view of their customers since they were using Mailchimp to send weekly newsletters and a separate Property Management System (PMS) to deliver booking confirmations. Due to this, they faced problems populating segmentation lists & providing personalised communications to their customers. To understand the needs & wants of their customers, easyHotel wished to build a Preference Centre & streamline marketing communications with one CRM tool.


  • easyHotel’s marketing team had minimal segmentation & personalisation abilities with Mailchimp.


  • The marketing team had no automated emails setup & had a lengthy manual process.


  • More than one system was used to handle outward communications. Each platform was not synced with one another.


  • There was no single view of the customer across the business.


  • Promotional content was limited because of the lack of data to segment customers in different groups.
EasyJet Hotel Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Success Story

The Solution

The team at easyHotel wanted to engage more with their audience based on the customer’s preferences & affinities that they were building overtime. Pracedo recommended salesforce Marketing Cloud so that easyHotel could get a 360-degree view of their customers & benefit from its Preference Centre, Journey Builder, automation capabilities & Email Studio.


  • The Seamless synchronisation of data across Salesforce accounts & Marketing Cloud was facilitated by Cloud Connect. This helped the in-house marketing team to segment data & understand customers better, with one single view of their behaviour & account history.


  • Pracedo built & deployed a customer Preference Centre to save & profile customer data. This would help easyHotel to further profile, segment & personalise content for their customers.


  • With the help of Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder, Pracedo developed automated welcome, ‘sign up’ & pre-arrival emails for new customers.


  • Pracedo helped set up engaging personalised emails for customers who had abandoned their carts. These emails would send prompts to purchase & help convert customers 

The Impact

easyHotel now has a single source of truth for all their customers. They have successfully been able to leverage Marketing Cloud to connect better with their customers.


  • easyHotel have seen an increase of more than 50% in email open rates compared to MailChimp since the implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


  • Increased bookings through weekly broadcasted emails with the use of purchase links sent in the email have also been reported.


  • They are now able to use dynamic content as well as different file types such as GIFs in their emails to make them more engaging & responsive. 


  • With improved A/B testing, easyHotel has not just been able to test the subject line or pretext but also their general copy of the email as well as Call-To-Action buttons.


  • Due to freed up time from the automation emails, the marketing team have been able to double the number of emails sent per week. They have also been able to send additional emails at the weekend based on spotlights & recommendations.


  • easyHotel has been able to Improve targeting towards exclusive members & send them additional offers as well as early access to offers.

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