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Drummond Street Services | Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud | Summit Salesforce Partner

The Challenge

Drummond Street Services (DS) is a Nonprofit organisation that supports people facing personal challenges and social barriers connected to living situations, health, identity, relationships and community.

DS faced challenges with both their current CRM and general operational processes:

  • DS’s legacy CRM system Holly was custom-built and no longer fit their needs as it wasn’t scalable and required constant investment in resources for maintenance and new development. 
  • Holly’s CRM settings, permissions and features (i.e. user management, reporting) were limited.
  • Their current case management was confusing and inconvenient, as staff needed to manually review and update spreadsheet data to track their services as well as customer journeys.
  • Integrations of third party platforms with Holly were challenging as DS had to rely on respective service vendors for development and troubleshooting. 
  • Holly’s event management function was limited, so staff had to use other tools (i.e. Spreadsheets, SharePoint, OneDrive). Event registrations were manually entered into the CRM.

The Solution

To resolve DS’s challenges, Pracedo implemented and customised Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) as well as Salesforce Program Management Module (PMM) and Nonprofit Cloud Case Management (NCCM).


  • Pracedo further implemented the Blackthorn software to streamline event and payment management for all teams across their organisations. This facilitates convenient event sign-ups and payments, and automatically creates registrant profiles in Salesforce.
  • Pracedo further configured and optimised workflows as well as step-by-step guidance to streamline daily operations. 
  • For enhanced user management, Pracedo put together a comprehensive user management strategy, following best practices. Profiles and permission sets have further been set up, ensuring each Salesforce user has the right data access.
  • Pracedo trained staff on how to utilise Salesforce standard reports and dashboards to get the best data visualisation.

The Impact

The diverse range of implementations and customisations from Pracedo account for DS’ unique therapeutic practice framework and benefit the organisation across all divisions:


  • With the enhanced workflows, DS have streamlined their daily processes, giving them a greater overview of their internal tasks and utilising their resources more efficiently.  
  • The optimised event management and marketing automation further enabled DS to have greater client engagement and measure the success of their initiatives accurately.
  • Case management maximised DS’s ability to track, manage and report on intakes, referrals, clients, client notes, case plans, case resources, and assessments. 
  • PMM has streamlined their program management and the services provided under each program.
  • The integration with DEX enables automated reporting to the Department of Social Services, thus reducing time and effort associated with meeting reporting deadlines and requirements.

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