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The Challenge

Concentra Analytics is a fast-growth SaaS company with award-winning software products, platforms and services that enable businesses to capture, manage, and analyze data to improve their operations and execute strategies more effectively.


Concentra had an existing CRM which was outdated and costly to manage. They were experiencing problems with poor data quality and poor user adoption, which created a cycle of both continuing to get worse. A new system was needed which would allow them to collect and analyse data on internal processes. Concentra wanted to be able to create leads, send orders and have all paperwork and processes in one system.


  • Outdated CRM system.

  • High cost related to the maintenance of the CRM system.

  • Poor user adoption and poor quality data.

  • Single source of truth needed.

  • Desire to create leads, send orders and run processes in Salesforce.

The Solution

Pracedo implemented Salesforce CPQ so that Concentra could benefit from easy and accurate quoting in one system. 

Salesforce was used to create a single source of truth, incorporating all aspects of the business from creating a lead to sending out the order. CPQ was used to build easy and accurate quotes which could be sent to and signed by a customer without ever needing to leave Salesforce. Multiple quote templates were built, which would automatically show the correct information depending on the customer’s needs. They also used Salesforce to assist with forecasting and to cut down on administrative tasks.

The Impact

Concentra now have a CRM system that gives them full visibility across the pipeline. With forecasting, they can now see what revenue is coming in, across finances and budgets. As a result, they have experienced reduced admin.

  • One single source of truth.

  • A new state of the art CRM system.

  • Increased user adoption.

  • Improved data.

  • Full transparency across the pipeline.

  • Accurate forecasting and pricing.

  • Reduced admin time.

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