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The Challenge

CLA helps customers legally access, copy and share the published content they need, while also making sure that copyright owners are paid fair royalties for the use of their work.

CLA’s existing CRM, NG, no longer met the needs of the business.

  • Since the system no longer met their demands, they were having to do a significant number of manual process workarounds.
  • The data model had limitations and the product roadmap was not aligned to the future business needs.
  • CLA wanted to move to a modern cloud-based solution.
  • NG had outdated desktop and client server-based technology.
  • CLA wanted to move to a more modern cloud-based solution so they could benefit from more seamless upgrades and open Web Service integration standards, as they wanted the new CRM system to integrate with SAP.

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The Solution

Pracedo implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ, and connected SAP using out-of-the-box functionality and best practices. This included:


  • Lead and Opportunity management.


  • Full CPQ set up or products, pricebooks, and quoting across all customer sectors.


  • Customer onboarding process through custom fields.


  • Automated processes for cancellations.


  • Case management and entitlements for the customer service team.


  • Invoicing and payment management.


  • Integration with SAP.

The Impact

CLA’s new CRM software, Salesforce, is more flexible and adaptable than ever before. The cloud-based nature of Salesforce allows for a more modern CRM solution that offers seamless upgrades and open web service integrations. This allows CLA to get more out of their CRM system – while also enabling their company to benefit from a CRM system that can grow with the business.


CLA now have a true 360 view of their customers on a CRM that can grow and flex with their business needs. Benefits from the upgraded solution include:


  • Management of multi-product journeys.


  • Improved insights and reporting, specifically showing the best opportunities and highest value sectors.


  • Freed customer service team from manual tasks.


  • Enhanced efficiency of current business processes,


  • Future-proofed CLA’s CRM technology and ensured that CLA meets GDPR requirements.


  • Maximised the out-of-the-box capabilities of Salesforce.


  • Limited technical debt incurred through lots of code creation
CLA Customer story salesforce sales cloud cpq sap salesforce partner consultancy 4

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