Centrica #PowerUp with Pracedo

Implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud for Partners (Communities) to drive sales with Partners

Centrica Business Solutions is at the forefront of distributed energy. They help organisations take advantage of the changing energy landscape by building intelligent end-to-end solutions to power their performance, resilience and business vision.


Centrica were using Salesforce to support their Sales and Marketing functions and decided they wanted to launch a partner programme. They needed a centralised place to keep track of businesses created by their partners and a streamlined process that allowed this to grow, to continue driving revenue.

‘During the Pilot phase we didn’t know what type of business changes we needed, or what dedicated resources we had or how to manage it, but from this stage, we were able to make a real business case to Stakeholders and map out how to take the portal from just a system to something that really improved the business process for the Sales team.’

Alex Lowe (Centrica Head of Business Solutions Partner Programme)


Pracedo was chosen to help Centrica build their Salesforce’s Digital Experience Platform and we started by creating four different personalised onboarding journeys for different types of members, formalising the on-boarding process for the first time. After onboarding they were given access to the new customer platform which gave different types of partner access to different features and capabilities.

The new platform is designed to enable partners to work in collaboration with Centrica by allowing them to sign on and log their record of sales on the go. Education has also been an important part of the community build with a bank of documentation around products that help to encourage up-selling. As well as this, partners can contact their Account Owners directly to quickly resolve issues.


88 International partners have been on-boarded to the new community giving them a single centralised platform to track sales and work closer with Centrica. The project has been vital for streamlining and formalising processes while driving efficiency and is very popular with the wider sales team.

‘Pracedo were patient and really supported us, even sending people to train our users in Milan. It was a great experience and an example of premium client service.’

Toby Feldman (Centrica Partnership Programme Specialist)

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