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Centrepoint Customer Success Story

The Challenge

Centrepoint is the UK’s largest youth homelessness charity and supports more than 15,000 homeless young people every year. Centrepoint provides homeless young people with accommodation, health support and life skills to get them back into education, training and employment.

Centrepoint had an already existing Salesforce instance that wasn’t used robustly, resulting in several issues regarding the data quality and lengthy manual processes.


  • Centrepoint, like many charities, used a system called InForm. This system was used to collect information from the respondents on their health and housing. However, the data was then manually inputted into the system.


  • The manual data form filling and uploading process consumed a lot of time.


  • Data quality wasn’t up to the standards required to generate custom reports on their processes, without these reports it was hard for them to streamline their processes and utilise their resources effectively.

The Solution

The team at Centrepoint wanted to streamline their processes by using data for decisions and automating tasks.


  • Pracedo tidied up their already existing instance and helped them set up lightning experience apps for their Health and Housing business departments respectively.


  • We helped them set up several automation and validation rules to avoid duplication of work.


  • The new system simplified the process of filling forms and decreased the time required to process them and increased the data quality for generating reports.

The Impact

Centrepoint now has a single source of truth for both their business units. They have successfully been able to leverage to help their customers.


  • With the improved instance Centrepoint’s data quality improved by 22% within the first two weeks of implementation.


  • The Staff at Centrepoint saved almost 500 hours of work per week.


  • The set up of Automation & Validation rules resulted in the ceasing of duplication of work. These helped the staff at Centrepoint further save time and dedicate it towards customer support.
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