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Beyond Blue, moving from Code-Heavy Chaos to Scalable Success

The challenge

Beyond Blue

Transforming Complexity into Compassion

Beyond Blue, a prominent Australian mental health and wellbeing support organisation, embarked on a mission to revolutionise their approach to mental health issues. Their vision was to unlock the power of scalability, paving the way for more impactful connections with those in need. This isn’t just a customer story; it’s a transformation journey centred around creating a brighter, more resilient future for individuals battling mental health challenges.


With a legacy Salesforce Sales Cloud instance bogged down by custom code to suit the organisation’s needs, Beyond Blue found themselves navigating a complex landscape, struggling to maintain operational efficiency and adapt to evolving needs. However, their journey towards transformation was driven by ambitious goals that aimed not only for efficiency but also to make more impactful connections with those in need.

Beyond Blue was committed to accomplishing this by refining best practices and streamlining data processes using Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, instead of an extensively modified Salesforce Sales Cloud. This strategy was intended to ensure they could optimise data for its intended use, improving its effectiveness within these platforms to better achieve their organisational goals.

Their primary objectives included:

Efficient Operations and Adaptability

Beyond Blue aimed to liberate themselves from the constraints of custom code, creating a more agile and adaptable system that would enable them to serve those in need more effectively without service disruptions.

Enhanced Scalability

Their vision included achieving the scalability necessary to accommodate future growth and meet the needs of a broader audience, further amplifying their impact.

Streamlined Website Donations

They sought to optimise the process of managing website donations, ensuring that each contribution, whether one-off or recurring, served their mission of providing vital support to those in need, with a focus on forming effective audience connections.

Laying the Foundation for Personalised Connections

As a pioneering charity in the mental health space, Beyond Blue was deeply committed to crafting a more personalised approach to connect with those in need, their dedicated volunteers, and generous donors.

Cleaned Data and Best Practices

Beyond Blue aimed to deduplicate and cleanse their data. This initiative focused on preparing the data for enhanced marketing use, enabling its effective leverage within Salesforce NPSP and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The solution

Transforming Beyond Blue's Scalability and Data Harvesting

Salesforce NPSP & Marketing Cloud

Together with Pracedo, Beyond Blue embarked on a journey of innovation and efficiency, which sought to lay the foundation for a more scalable approach to mental health support. 


With powerful allies in Salesforce NPSP and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Beyond Blue had the tools needed to transform their approach, break down barriers, harvest effective data collection and craft a seamless, scalable journey that exceeded the expectations of those they served.


Here’s how Pracedo revolutionalised their processes:

Transforming Donations Tracking

Native integrations with Salesforce apps Payment2Us and Conga simplified the process of collecting donations within Salesforce without code, paving the way for scalable, efficient, and hassle-free transactions with donors and volunteers. This shift provided a clearer understanding of campaign success.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leveraging NPSP's customisable rollups, Beyond Blue gained valuable insights by tracking all donations directly on individual contact records. This empowered the fundraising, donor management, and marketing teams to have a full view of the history of their contacts.

Optimised Volunteer Management

Beyond Blue's adoption of Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) provided full transparency for volunteers to select events they wanted to be a part of. This efficient volunteer management tool streamlined event coordination, ultimately enhancing the volunteer experience and support provided.

Efficient Data Integration

Pracedo revamped Beyond Blue's Marketing Cloud setup to unify data from separate CRMs (Beyond Blue and Be You) under a single brand, ensuring streamlined operations. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud multi-org connector facilitated seamless integration of separate CRM data into the marketing cloud, offering distinct views and improved data management.

Elevated Customer Communications

Pracedo optimised email templates, content blocks, and cloud pages, ensuring a more efficient and effective marketing approach. Using Conga, an automated solution, Beyond Blue generated personalised acknowledgement letters for donors. This scalable yet personal approach made it easier to appreciate and maintain relationships with their generous supporters.

Trevor Lawrence

Program Director, Beyond Blue

“Pracedo were instrumental guiding us from a code heavy, highly customised CRM to an out of the box, no code, seamless single view of our stakeholders. “

Luca Anzaghi

Consultant, Pracedo

“The collaboration with Beyond Blue marked a profound shift in redefining how we connect with those in need.”

The Impact

Future-Ready Mental Health Support

A Connected, Personalised Experience

Beyond Blue has harnessed the full power of Salesforce to overcome challenges and create a future-ready mental health support system. They’ve transitioned from a custom-coded, forced Sales Cloud approach to a seamless, scalable solution that is fit for its purpose with NPSP and Marketing Cloud.


With a finely-tuned architecture, it provides the necessary flexibility, room for growth, and scalability as they transition into new phases of evolving their organisational strategy.

Major Cost Savings and Increased Efficiency

Beyond Blue's migration to a scalable Salesforce solution enhanced their efficiency and resulted in significant cost savings. By eliminating the need for extensive custom code, they reduced both operational costs and potential disruptions, ensuring a more cost-effective and seamless support system for those in need.

Streamlined Operations

Beyond Blue's transition to a scalable and streamlined Salesforce solution eliminated the complexities of custom code. This efficiency allowed them to focus on what matters most—growing their ability to reach more people and scale their impact while maintaining operational efficiency.

Enhanced Transparency

With Salesforce NPSP, Beyond Blue gained greater transparency into its operations, ensuring that each contribution served its mission effectively. This transparency also extends to their interactions with volunteers and donors, building trust and accountability.

Personalised Connections

Beyond Blue's commitment to personalisation transformed how they connect with those in need. Their system empowers them to forge deeper and more empathetic connections, ensuring every interaction resonates more personally, creating a more meaningful and lasting impact in the mental health landscape.

Trevor Lawrence

Program Director, Beyond Blue

“As a partner, Pracedo became a part of our internal team and were integral to our success through their dedication, service, customer focus and willingness to become engaged in our culture and understand our values.”

Luca Anzaghi

Consultant, Pracedo

“With greater transparency, streamlined operations, and a focus on personal connections, Beyond Blue is well-equipped to build a brighter tomorrow for those in need.”

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