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The Nonprofit Amaze, founded in 1967, is the peak body for autistic people and their supporters in Victoria, building autism understanding in the community, influencing policy change for autistic people and their families/supporters, and providing independent, credible information and resources about the condition itself.

The Challenge

For over 50 years, Amaze has been sharing knowledge and engaging with thousands of people – all through fruitful workshops and events, training sessions, their autism connect helpline, newsletters and various online resources.

2021 marked a great success for the Nonprofit: They initiated their national expansion and the popularity of their offerings – specifically of their webinars – amongst participants from all over the world has increased by a remarkable 65 per cent. It is with the increased popularity and the continuously growing partner network, the realisation hit to prioritise their overall management of resources in order to make the best use of this momentum of growth.

To date, Amaze has been facing a few internal business challenges:

  • All resources, such as e-mail templates, knowledge articles on local autism services, were being stored in Sharepoint, requiring people of the community to approach Amaze in order to obtain them.
  • Due to the way resources were being stored, the team could not collect any analytics and feedback about the resources’ performance.
  • Although Salesforce Service Cloud has been in place for a while, the team wasn’t utilising the full set of features available.
  • Amaze’s community further requested the organisation to offer a service that enables stakeholders to search and find autism-friendly services and places in their local area in a more convenient way. However, due to their current system restraints, such an implementation was not possible at all.

The Solutions

To enable Amaze to host a public knowledge base as well as to provide a customer local search component on their website, Pracedo enhanced Amaze’s Service Cloud by introducing Salesforce Knowledge as well as implementing an Experience Cloud site.


We implemented Salesforce Knowledge so that Amaze can create autism articles with their own distinct categorisation to make relevant information easy to search and find directly in Salesforce. This provided a significant enhancement to both the general public and Amaze staff members. Additionally, our consultants introduced the Email-to-Case functionality along with the Suggested Article component. This means that when an Amaze staff member receives an enquiry, this specific component will automatically scan the email for keywords and suggest relevant articles to send to the respective individual. As a consequence, overall staff time spent on finding and sharing resources can be greatly reduced.


For the general public, the Salesforce Knowledge articles were also published to a Public Knowledge Base that was hosted on the Salesforce Experience Cloud site. Moving forward, this means that Amaze’s resources are now publicly accessible, enhancing the entire resource and user experience overall. We further created a custom lightning component for the Experience Cloud site that allows anyone to search and locate local autism services which have been vetted by Amaze – just like Google Maps. Apart from the different locations, individuals are further provided with all the details of those services and places, such as contact details, type of service etc.


Since Amaze was not able to assess the performance of their resources to date, our consultants also created Knowledge reports & dashboards, enabling the team to track article views, search terms, article ratings and feedback, and Google Analytics was integrated with Experience Cloud to track visitors numbers and page views.

The Impact

Thanks to our product implementations Amaze can now keep all their data and information in a single source rather than spread across multiple systems and folders, making it easier for staff to find the information they need to support callers. With the great feedback of community members that have been commending the Nonprofit on a service that is easy to use and intuitive, the success of the newly-implemented features is further underpinned.

Moreover, the Amaze team benefits from a wealth of data and insights about their resources that can be used to refine articles, identify areas that are lacking resources, track how users are interacting with articles, and make objective data-driven decisions.

In 2022, Pracedo’s impact will be seen in the Australian market as Amaze expands nationally providing relevant information about autism and local autism-friendly services across the country.

Amaze - Salesforce Partner Consultancy - Experience Cloud, Service Cloud

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