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The Challenge

Advocate is a charity that finds free legal assistance from volunteer barristers. 

Advocate faced several challenges that caused inefficiencies and increased operational costs with more than 2,000 incoming legal requests per year.

The challenge was to streamline and automate a manual case matching process for the 4,000 barristers who volunteered due to the:

  • Lengthy 4 step manual process tied to the matching of legal cases.

  • Difficulties tracking the criteria of cases of interest from barristers. 

  • Low matching rate as a result of the unfiltered marketing approach.

  • Operational cost of manpower to undertake the time-consuming job.

The Solution

Pracedo designed, delivered and automated the work process.

It Starts With Sales Cloud

Advocate were already using Salesforce Sales Cloud​ to harvest the information they held about their 4,000 volunteer barristers and 2,000 annual cases.

Cloud Communication

Pracedo created a system to ​automate, streamline and match the data, while gathering key criteria around the types of cases barristers prefered to dedicate their time to. When barristers were matched to the cases, Advocate needed to see if they would take on the role.

Making Marketing Easy

Pracedo identified Marketing Cloud and Automation Studio as a ready solution to create weekly, bi-weekly and monthly marketing emails that advertised the cases. Cloud Pages ensured that barristers could receive a bespoke email with cases that were relevant to them. Then they could browse and volunteer to provide legal assistance for the cases. 


33% monthly increase of cases
taken up by barristers

The Impact

Advocate was able to completely automate the matching and marketing process, freeing up the workforce to spend time on cases.  Benefits included:

  • A fully automated matching and marketing process.

  • The introduction of criteria-based case personalisation improved the management of cases that were marketed and pitched to barristers.

  • Barristers received bespoke automated marketing emails that advertised the cases that catered to their interests, specialisms and location.

  • ​Automated emails were branded to ensure brand consistency and professionalism.

  • More than a third of the cases were taken up as a result of the more targeted approach.

  • Advocate could easily access insights and reports on the success of the case matching.

  • No oversight of the process is necessary.

100% of barristers said they'd be more likely to take a case after having received one of the new emails.

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