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Our Culture

Our commitment to community impact

Our visit to St. Martins School marked the start of our journey towards a more compassionate corporate philosophy. Since then, we made a vow to weave the threads of caring into the very fabric of our company’s culture. Living up to this promise, we’ve embarked on a mission to uplift communities. 

From day one, our vision was to establish an organisation where people are at the heart. We aim to create a lasting, positive impact on our customers, team members and community

- Matt Schutz, CEO and Founder

We Made a Pledge

a consultancy with a difference

In 2015, we became one of the first UK headquarted organisations to join the Pledge 1% movement. This global campaign encourages companies to contribute 1% of their product, equity, profit, or employee time to make a meaningful impact in communities worldwide. 

We Believe in a Fair Future

Making more equal futures

We believe in rewarding our team fairly with competitive wages and equal opportunity. Here, at Pracedo. we celebrate diversity and are committed to inclusive hiring, ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities to thrive regardless of their background or truth. 

We Promote Equity

our commitment to women

We strongly advocate for equality and offer a supportive environment for women in tech through the Pracedo Women’s Collective. This community offers mentorship, workshops, and networking to fuel career growth. It’s a space for women to connect, share knowledge, and celebrate achievements.

Our Connect Initiative

Nurturing Community Ties

At the heart of our mission lies the Connect Initiative, a multifaceted program designed to create lasting impact across three key areas: our customers, team members, and the wider community. Through this initiative, we channel our resources and expertise to enhance business outcomes and contribute meaningfully to society.


Investing in Nonprofits

We inspire our employees to contribute their time and expertise to charitable causes, and to support this, we include a designated volunteer day as part of our official leave benefits.

Making a Digital Difference

Together, we’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to enhancing nonprofits. We do this by building their capacity with Salesforce and providing strategic guidance.

Cultivating Local Talent

In collaboration with LDN Apprenticeships, we invest in cultivating local and diverse talent by training young people to become skilled Salesforce Consultants and Developers,

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