Cloud-Centric Strategies: Securing the Future of Your Media Supply Chain

Consumer engagement has never been a bigger challenge for Media Companies, who have to constantly adapt to new content consumption habits.


Modern audiences have evolved into discerning consumers, actively searching for content that resonates with their individual interests, values, and watching preferences. This transformative shift in viewer behaviour has necessitated content creators and distributors to recalibrate their strategies, leading to a wide-scale transformation in video consumption patterns.


Consequently, we’ve witnessed a huge upswing in niche content, including web series, short films, and documentaries meticulously tailored to cater to distinct audience segments. In addition, viewers are embracing video content in novel ways, whether binge-watching entire seasons in a single sitting or consuming easily digestible bite-sized content.

Changing Attention Dynamics: Gen Z and Millennials in the Digital Age | Salesforce Summit Partner | Salesforce Media Cloud

Changing Attention Dynamics: Gen Z and Millennials in the Digital Age

In the evolving landscape of digital media consumption, the attention span of Generation Z and Millennials is shrinking due to the prevalence of short video content from platforms like TikTok, initially pioneered by YouTube Shorts. This trend presents a twofold challenge and opportunity for global media businesses.


  • 70% Association with Online TV: An overwhelming 70% of Generation Z now associates TV viewing with online sources, highlighting the significant shift in media consumption habits.
  • 78% Weekly TV Streaming: A substantial eight in ten individuals aged 13 to 24 engage in weekly TV content streaming, encompassing a wide array of options ranging from TV shows to sports.
  • 79% Embrace Short-Form Content: Nearly four out of five of these young viewers actively engage with short-form content, including short clips, user-generated content, video game live streams, and social media videos.


  • Balancing Act: Gen Z’s viewing time is nearly equally divided between long-form and short-form content, with 46% dedicated to in-depth material and 54% to snappier, more concise content. Media companies must master the art of delivering impactful information within these shorter attention spans to ensure continued audience engagement.

As the attention dynamics of these generations continue to evolve, media businesses must adapt to this changing landscape, finding innovative ways to inform, engage and personalise their audience’s experience across channels.

The Media Supply Chain Evolution:

Shifting consumer habits and content consumption is transforming media companies into streaming-first providers, but outdated technology can hinder their competitiveness. To stay ahead, media companies must address:


  1. Evolving Viewing Habits: Consumers access content across devices and locations and want the same seamless experience.
  2. Speed Demands: Content must be delivered rapidly, with a personalised viewing approach
  3. Siloed Operations: Traditional, disjointed approaches slow down content delivery.


Adding to the complexity, streaming platforms now require profitability, making efficiency crucial. This underscores the need to reevaluate the disjointed supply chain, which has been observed to exacerbate these challenges.

The Power of an Integrated Cloud Supply Chain:

Achieving speed and efficiency to address these challenges requires breaking down operational silos. A cloud-centric, unified supply chain offers several benefits:


  1. Seamless Connectivity: Connect disparate processes and teams.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Integrated back-end and front-end improve retention.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: Understand viewer habits for personalised content recommendations.
  4. Competitive Edge: Adapt to industry shifts swiftly.

Creating a global, integrated cloud supply chain saves time, reduces churn, and maximises profits.

Making It Happen: Future-Proofing Your Business:

Media businesses must undergo rapid transformation to boost sales revenue. This transformation should be supported by solutions that prioritise personalisation through data-driven insights. However, with lengthy in-house cloud projects being impractical, partnering with experienced technology providers to streamline and fasten the transition is the only solution for success.

Salesforce Media Cloud: A Powerful Cloud-Centric Solution | Salesforce Summit Partner

Salesforce Media Cloud: A Powerful Cloud-Centric Solution

Salesforce Media Cloud empowers businesses to adapt, grow, and thrive in a rapidly changing media landscape. It’s not just a solution; it’s a strategy for futureproofing media businesses.

How Media Cloud addresses key challenges of media companies

1. Seamless Connectivity:

  • Unified Platform: Salesforce Media Cloud offers a unified platform that connects various processes and teams within media organisations, streamlining workflows and fostering collaboration.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Integrated Back-End and Front-End: By integrating back-end and front-end operations, Media Cloud enhances the overall customer experience. This integration helps improve customer retention rates by providing a more cohesive and responsive interaction.

3. Data-Driven Insights:

  • Advanced Analytics: Media Cloud leverages advanced analytics capabilities, allowing media companies to better understand viewer habits. This data-driven insight enables the creation of personalised content recommendations, enhancing viewer engagement.

4. Competitive Edge:

  • Adaptability: Media Cloud equips media businesses with the agility needed to adapt to industry shifts swiftly. By staying ahead of trends and market changes, companies using Media Cloud can maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

These capabilities demonstrate how Media Cloud can address the unique challenges media organisations face, helping them navigate the dynamic and competitive media industry.

As a beacon of innovation in the media industry, Salesforce Media Cloud offers a transformative solution that sets the pace for future success. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of media consumption, it’s evident that those who harness the power of Salesforce Media Cloud are better positioned to outperform their competitors, while others risk falling behind.

Salesforce Media Cloud redefines the rules of engagement by seamlessly allowing media companies to launch, monetise and automate media experiences in a unified, cloud-native solution. This level of integration is not just a luxury; it’s necessary in an era when viewer demands are ever-evolving, and profitability is the ultimate benchmark of success.

The key to staying relevant and competitive is adapting swiftly to changing consumer habits, efficiently entering new markets, and leveraging data-driven insights for personalised content recommendations. Salesforce Media Cloud empowers media companies to achieve these goals with ease.

In a time when the media industry demands forward-thinking strategies, Salesforce Media Cloud emerges as the definitive answer, offering not just a technology solution, but a pathway to securing a prominent position in the future of media. Harness its power, or risk being left behind – the choice is clear for media companies seeking sustained success and growth in this rapidly evolving sector.


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