Boost Your Sales With No Extra Headcount Using Sales Cloud

Amid a recession, businesses must find ways to increase sales without hiring additional staff. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that can help businesses do that. With its ability to organise and manage customer information, automate repetitive tasks, and provide valuable insights and analytics, Salesforce Sales Cloud allows sales teams to boost their sales without extra headcount.


This article will discuss how businesses can use Salesforce Sales Cloud features to boost their sales during a recession and make the most of their existing sales team.

Streamline sales processes to improve sales performance

Sales Cloud’s intuitive drag-and-drop feature, Sales Flow Builder, allows businesses to customise and optimise their sales process quickly. The Flow Builder lets team members easily visualise the entire sales process, from lead generation to closing deals. This makes it much easier for them to keep track of their progress and identify areas of improvement to close more deals faster. Sales Cloud’s automated processes help reduce manual work and free up time for higher-value tasks such as relationship-building with customers. Sales teams can also use Sales Cloud to track customer interactions and automate follow-ups, so they never miss an opportunity.

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I find the Flow Builder to be one of the most potent Salesforce tools. It can automate so many tasks that sales reps used to work on manually. For example, once a sales rep sends a proposal to a customer, it can trigger an automation that stamps the date of mailing, along with an immediate notification to the sales manager. Additionally, the sales manager can be notified once the deal is closed won or closed lost, with a closed lost reason exposed. This way, all critical steps in the sales process are shared in real-time and with less work.

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Use a comprehensive guide to maximise sales

Sales Path is Sales Cloud’s feature that provides sales teams with guidance to progress deals efficiently. Sales Path includes dynamic alerts and advice, providing visibility into which steps the team needs to take next to close a deal successfully. Sales Path also allows managers to direct their team towards activities proven to work in their particular industry, meaning they can focus on tasks that will drive revenue instead of wasting time on unrelated matters.

Businesses can use Sales Path to track their progress throughout the sales process, ensuring that all deals are monitored closely and managed precisely. Sales Path also provides teams with predictive analytics, which can help them to identify patterns in customer behaviour and create winning offers for customers.

For example, Sales Path can recommend upsells or cross-sells for customers based on their previous purchase history.

Improve team performance with collaboration

Salesforce Chatter is a collaboration and communication tool included with Salesforce Sales Cloud. It allows sales teams to work together more effectively and efficiently, helping them to close more deals during a recession.

One of the critical benefits of Chatter is that it provides a central platform where team members can share information, communicate, and track progress in real-time. This can help sales teams stay on top of their sales efforts and ensure everyone is working towards the same goals. For example, team members can use Chatter to collaborate on sales proposals, share customer information, and provide support and feedback to each other.

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Monitor performance and drive improvements

Sales Cloud also gives businesses access to powerful analytics tools that provide customer data insight. This helps companies identify trends and areas for improvement within their sales process. Analytics features include automated lead scoring, opportunity mapping, territory management, pipeline analysis and predictive forecasting – all of which can help businesses to optimise their sales performance. Sales Cloud’s analytics tools also give teams visibility into customer preferences, allowing them to personalise their offers and proactively engage with leads.

Sales Cloud’s analytics tools can also help businesses monitor the performance of their sales team, so they can identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching and support. For example, managers can use analytics features to track individual team members’ performance, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and give them the guidance they need to improve their sales skills. This can help businesses get the most out of their existing sales team without hiring additional staff.

Additionally, Sales Cloud’s analytics tools can help businesses make data-driven decisions, invest their resources wisely and increase their chances of success.

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Among other things, Salesforce analytics also makes it possible for every employee, as soon as they log in, to see different charts with data about the opportunities they are dealing with – such as the part of the sales process their deals are in, the value of the deals that are about to be closed, and how many deals they have closed won against the total number of closed opportunities. This enables them to monitor their work towards defined goals easily. In addition, the sales manager can see an overview of the team’s work instead of analyzing their deals to manage better and enable the realization of the set strategy. Work driven by real-time analytics is always a better solution than a reactive approach.

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Prioritising sales leads and closing more deals

Sales Engagement is Sales Cloud’s feature that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate sales performance and increase conversion rates. Sales Engagement helps teams identify their best opportunities and prioritise them for follow-up. This means that sales reps can focus on the leads most likely to convert, saving them time and effort. Sales reps can also use personalised emails to engage with leads more effectively and quickly close deals.

With Sales Engagement, businesses can ensure their sales team is always focused on the right opportunities, improving performance and delivering value faster than ever. For example, Sales Engagement can track behaviour and engagement signals on a leadership level, so teams can create timely, personalised content that resonates with leads and increases their chances of conversion.

Discover how Pracedo helped CLA grow with Salesforce Sales Cloud

CLA was determined to switch to a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution to enjoy the advantages of timely software updates and open web service integration standards; in particular, their objective was for the latest CRM system to integrate with internal systems.

Salesforce Sales Cloud was the perfect match for CLA. Salesforce Sales Cloud enabled CLA to streamline operations and automate processes while improving data accuracy, customer relations and visibility into their sales performance.

Pracedo assisted in successfully implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, providing support to ensure a smooth transition. Salesforce Sales Cloud provided CLA with the ability to track and monitor sales performance in real-time, as well as access to Salesforce’s powerful analytics tools. Sales Cloud enabled CLA to collaborate with customers, create personalised proposals and quickly close deals.

How can Pracedo help you boost your sales performance with Salesforce Sales Cloud?

At Pracedo, we understand how Salesforce Sales Cloud can help businesses to increase sales, boost efficiency and drive innovation. Our team of Certified Salesforce Consultants have the skills and experience to ensure successful Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation and customisation.

We help customers transform their business processes and maximise Sales Cloud’s powerful analytics capabilities. Our comprehensive support lets customers get the most out of Salesforce Sales Cloud and make data-driven decisions that optimise their performance.

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