Ask the Expert: Non Profit Success Pack

Posted on 2019-04-09 16:08:27

Luca Sarno joined Pracedo in 2016 and has been using the NPSP for almost two years. He has worked on two large scale projects with charities which have involved an in-depth knowledge of fundraising practices as well as the Salesforce configuration involved in implementing a new org.

When did you first use NPSP?

I used the NPSP on a large scale project for Christians Against Poverty which involved churches, their congregations and much of the fundraising capabilities. However, prior to that I had been able to install it into my own developer org which is a great way to learn in a practice environment.

Luca’s Top Tips for Donation Naming Conventions
· Research – find out what works for your teams, especially those dealing with donations day to day.
· Include either the Household or Donor name to make things easier for the end user.
· Test this in your Sandbox properly first and make sure users are happy with it before applying to real donations.
· My simple favourite is [Donation Record Type] – [Donor Name] – [Date Received]

Where do you see the NPSP having the biggest impact for Nonprofits?

It has a really positive impact on account management and recurring donations. This is because the NPSP Account Model allows for Nonprofits to understand the relationships individuals have to organisations and each other. Often this is something they’ve not had previously, especially when moving from spreadsheets! Recurring donations are also much easier to manage with the NPSP and require minimal customisation for some customers.

What next for NPSP?

I’m really excited about the new Customisable Rollups feature because I think that this is going to improve setup for Admins. It will be really good tom manage more of their org in the one place and I hope that we’ll see this applied to more objects in the future.

Luca’s Advice for the NPSP Exam
· Understand the importance of governance – this will impact the way in which NPSP needs to be rolled out and how it will affect end users.
· This Trailmix has pretty much everything you need, including the official training and certification guide. Do it all!
· As I did initially, install the NPSP into a Developer Account so that you can practice and test it whilst doing the Trailmix.