5 Ways To Maximise Your Customer Service With Salesforce Service Cloud

Good customer service has been shown to lead to better customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value, but it’s not always the easiest thing to provide. We all know how challenging customer service can get, as customer cases start to pile up or customers become unsatisfied because their queries couldn’t be resolved efficiently.

This is where Salesforce Service Cloud comes in. Salesforce Service Cloud offers automatic response tools, integrated messaging systems and various customer self-service options, allowing you to easily streamline workflow processes and guarantee customer satisfaction from the start.

In this article, we’ll explore Salesforce’s Service Cloud and how it can help your business enhance its customer service.

5 Ways To Maximise Your Customer Service With Salesforce Service Cloud Article | Pracedo | Platinum Salesforce Implementation Partner

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce’s Service Cloud is the number one customer service platform that helps businesses provide better case management, customer experience and self-serve solutions. It is a part of the Salesforce CRM solution, particularly designed to help users automate service processes, streamline workflows and find the information they need to support customer service agents. Salesforce Service Cloud instantly provides your customers with the assistance they need on any platform and at any time.

What are five ways Salesforce Service Cloud can improve your customer service?

If you’re not constantly assessing and improving your customer service, then you could be missing out on key opportunities to create lifelong customers. Let’s look at five valuable tools that Salesforce Service Cloud offers, which guarantee an enhanced customer service process to help increase your customers’ lifecycle value.


1) Provide excellent customer service anywhere and at anytime

With access to the platform from anywhere at any time, your can access your customers’ data through the mobile app or computer, which enables you to provide excellent customer service and manage customer cases from the field, office or on the go.

2) Handle customer cases faster with Salesforce’s Service Cloud

Do you have too many unaddressed customer cases and need a better system for managing them all? With Salesforce Service Cloud, you don’t have to worry about falling behind on customer cases. Whenever a customer submits a new case in your system, Salesforce Service Cloud’s Automation Response tool will automatically send out a responding email to the customer. This email response can put your customers’ mind at ease and buys you time to investigate and resolve the issue. Upon receiving the case, the Assignment Rules tool will also deliver the respective case to the most suitable agent within your team.

Assignment Rules are an effective lead assignment tool that lets you create rules which determine how cases are assigned within your business. This way, customer cases can be attended to by the right person as cases are assigned to the agent whose area of expertise matches most with the incoming query.

If your business uses an email system for case inquiries instead, Salesforce’s Service Cloud offers the E-mail-to-Case tool that helps you with email cases. This feature allows you to directly connect and sync your email inbox with Salesforce. As a result, you spend less time checking your inbox for updates and more time resolving customer queries. Once the customer case is synced with Salesforce, the platform’s Auto Response and Assignment Rules tool will conveniently take care of it for you.

On the other hand, if you wish to work with a different lead management tool, Salesforce’s Service Cloud also has the Omni Channel tool. Instead of assigning customer cases according to the employee’s area of expertise, the omnichannel tool can assign cases according to employee availability. This means that it assigns cases in real-time, where it checks which employee is available at the time and can take up the case. It is a smart tool that can further help your business handle customer cases quickly and efficiently.

3) Maximised customer service in real-time

It’s widely known that customers value a quick turnaround time when they have queries or issues with their orders. Aside from efficiently assigning customer cases, Service Cloud’s Omni Channel tool also identifies available employees that can immediately attend live chats with customers on your page. With this, live agents within your team can communicate with customers in real-time, reducing resolution time.

In addition to allocating live agents, Service Cloud’s Omni Channel also enables you to pull up and access a customer’s profile with all details at one sight. This, in turn, will maximise your customer service process, as you have all the relevant information about them at hand when assisting them.

If your business prefers direct messaging on other channels, such as Facebook Messenger or SMS, then Salesforce’s Service Cloud has easy-to-use integrations which put more of your customer interactions in one place. An example of this might include the SMS integration with your Salesforce Service Cloud platform. Once integrated, you are able to chat with customers without having to leave the Salesforce platform. This promises a more efficient and faster exchange with your customers. Another benefit of SMS integration is the ability to send mass texts to groups of customers.

4) Create better phone experiences for customers

Let’s also not forget about those customers who still prefer conversations over the phone to digital communication. During a phone call, it can be quite challenging to switch between different windows and applications as you are trying to find the customer’s personal details. Salesforce Service Cloud’s Voice feature is the perfect tool to omit these challenges, as it allows you to integrate telephone services into the platform via computer-telephony integration.

This can be done through Amazon connect – an omnichannel cloud call centre that is integrated into Salesforce Service Cloud. It enables you to answer phone calls within your Salesforce. With this, you can easily talk to customers while conveniently pulling up their information at the same time. This ultimately leads to increased productivity in your team and maximised customer service offline.

Moreover, the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice features also come with AI capabilities. These AI capabilities can analyse conversations with customers, by gathering data as you speak. The voice feature then generates recommendations of articles and the best next steps which can help you solve the respective customer issues faster. Salesforce’s Service Cloud Voice also carries a voice transcription that allows you to convert conversations into text. This is useful if you want to keep a record of all customer interactions.

5) Offer self-service options to your customers

With customer cases piling up, you can push customers to self-serve solutions, such as FAQs. Another great feature of Salesforce Service Cloud is the so-called Knowledge Base, which helps you reduce the number of customer cases requiring your team members by providing self-service options to your customers. A Knowledge Base is a collection of information databases that can help customers solve their queries by themselves. Common examples of Knowledge Bases include a FAQ page, user manuals or a how-to page. You can even create separate Knowledge Bases for both public viewers and for registered users on your website. With these resources available, customers can look for answers on their own, without having to submit a case or call for support. Self-help solutions help limit the number of queries that require 1:1 support, giving time back to your experts.

Why use a Salesforce Partner to implement Salesforce Service Cloud?

Every business has specific processes that must be aligned with customer service. This means your company will have to tailor Salesforce in order to make the most of this investment.

By involving a Platinum Partner like us, you can:

  1. Benefit from a more thorough approach to understanding your specific goals and pain points, before finding the right scalable, flexible solution for your business.
  2. Make the most of our team’s technical know-how and expertise in successfully executing digital transformation projects, which will help ensure your Service Cloud implementation is successful.
  3. Give your staff the advantage of custom training on Salesforce so they may get the most out of your bespoke setup.
  4. Fast-track your needs with a qualified Salesforce Consultant to ensure your platform is up and running when needed.
  5. Easily link third-party systems with custom development from our expert developers.

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