5 Features Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud To Drive Fundraising Success

Did you know that simply using your recipient’s name in an email can increase clicks and engagement by 270%? However, when surveyed globally, only four in ten donors, volunteers and beneficiaries claim to have received personalised communications from Nonprofits.

If you want to be a part of the 4 in 10, you’ll have to invest in the right marketing tools. After all, as a Nonprofit organisation seeking donors, engagement is crucial – and Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you achieve this mission.

By using this platform effectively, you can boost your donor interaction and achieve outstanding fundraising success. Let’s understand how this can be done. This article will summarise what Salesforce Marketing Cloud is and outline five ways you and your team can use the platform.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that marketers use to automate marketing across different platforms of an organisation.

It has the power to automate various marketing processes and can be used for:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation
  • SMS marketing
  • Targeted online advertising
  • Audience segmentation

The 5 invaluable Marketing Cloud features for your Nonprofit

Considering the extensive range of features within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, here are the five most valuable tools helping your Nonprofit drive fundraising success and boost donor interaction:

Increase audience interaction with personalised email campaigns

By creating emails so personal that they sound handwritten, businesses can increase clicks and audience engagement. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will gain access to important data. This includes each donor’s donation and volunteer history, as well as interactions from previous emails and ads. Such information can then be used by your fundraising and marketing team to create targeted messages for each donor category. This will ensure that each message highlights points that are specifically relevant to an audience group and their interests. As a result, your emails can engage your existing donors and acquire new ones with ease.

There are several, easy-to-use tools under Salesforce Marketing Cloud that you can utilise to implement personalised email communication. For example, you can optimise email send times with Salesforce Einstein. It’s a clever tool that’ll equip your team with recommendations about the optimal send-out time for your audience. The times are configured based on their previous activities and engagement with your content. Like that, you can increase the chances of your emails being opened and getting greater reader interaction overall.

Tailor your stakeholders’ journeys and build lifelong relationships

As a Nonprofit, you want to ensure that you maintain your recurring donors. After all, these are the people whose values align with yours and contribute to the cause you stand for. To keep in touch with these groups of people, it’s important to create special touch points to go that extra mile. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization this becomes simple. Using this tool, you can automate one-on-one experiences with each of your stakeholders. You’ll also receive access to your stakeholders’ needs in real-time by understanding behavioural insights. Once you begin tailoring your stakeholder’s journeys, it’ll be guaranteed that you will foster more personal relationships that will grow to be lifelong.

Streamline audience insight systems across your organisation

With data often being siloed across different departments within an organisation, marketing strategies and communications can become less effective, messy and disorganised. However, when reporting the success of your fundraising efforts, it’s critical that your data gets relayed at the right time in order to engage your audience. To increase efficiency and send marketing assets out at the best times, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence tool enables you to streamline marketing channels, campaigns, and platforms across all teams in your organisation. This will allow you to personalise scalable fundraising campaigns and donor interactions while obtaining a comprehensive, singular view of your audience’s engagement.

Communicate data-driven insight to your donors

Donors often aspire to better understand the cause they’re supporting. In fact, 72% of Nonprofits say that their donors expect access to key performance indicators (KPIs). Providing KPIs becomes easy with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. There are several tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence and Salesforce Data Cloud that you can use to collect, organise and distribute data to your donors. You can access a full suite of information, data, and analytics, which easily outline the campaigns that are most efficient and where you can improve. With these tools, it’ll be easy to ensure that the fundraising data reaches your donors and that they are aware of and motivated by the impact they’re creating.

Create efficient audience segments to reduce costs and increase efficiency

It’s also extremely important to ensure your finances aren’t wasted on the wrong marketing resources. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform enables you to gather data to create efficient targets and segments for automation. With that, you can gain a 360-degree view of all your audiences. It’ll enable a more engaged, cost-efficient and personalised marketing experience. By utilising data across different engagement platforms, you’ll be able to construct targeted and personalised messages. Costs that are wasted on unnecessary marketing efforts will be avoided.

Ultimately, you will be able to unlock marketing moments that are unforgettable, delivering one-on-one messages and making the right requests, at the right time for a higher success rate.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud article - Pracedo Salesforce implementation partner

Why should you implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Pracedo?

Personalization stands out from other marketing automation tools such as Adobe Target, Dynamic Yield, and others for its advanced AI-driven capabilities and personalisation features. While these tools provide basic automation capabilities such as segmentation, targeting, and reporting, Personalization uses AI to surface insights hidden within customer interactions. This helps marketers quickly identify high-value customers and target them with highly tailored messaging across multiple channels.


Adobe Target focuses primarily on A/B testing for website designs and content, while Dynamic Yield offers an omnichannel optimisation platform that helps businesses personalise their digital experiences in real time. However, none of these platforms can match the comprehensive suite of features that Personalization provides. In addition to the traditional segmentation and targeting capabilities offered by other platforms, Personalization also includes advanced predictive analytics that enables marketers to anticipate customer needs and preferences before they happen. This allows businesses to create more personalised campaigns for customers’ behaviour or interests.


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