Pracedo Meets The Style Queen

Posted on 2019-10-29 09:42:29

Recently we welcomed The Style Queen, Nancy Stevens, to Pracedo. She gave a group presentation and then spent time with each of us to discuss our personal style.

Read below about what some of the team learnt in their 1 on 1 session.


Jamal Arogundade
During the meeting, she put out 4 colour palettes and asked me to choose which one appeals to me the most. Apparently, these were the colours that would look good on me. She said its a subliminal thing where you are pick colours that match your skin tones. I also found out that I am Winter. After this session, I will make use of colours more and stay away from black.

Safiyyah Gareeboo
Her advice for a petite frame really stuck out and she mentioned a few brands which are sustainable, something I care a lot about. I learned that I am Winter. In the future, I will think more about different lengths and colour blocks and look into the growing number of sustainable and environmentally conscious brands.

Laura Brown
When meeting Nancy I was really intrigued by what she was saying around dressing for your body shape, height and skin tone. I found out I am both a Summer and a Winter. I will try to introduce more colour into my wardrobe to slowly move away from wearing all black.

Nancy also met with members of the Pracedo team for a personal styling session. You can read about Hadiyah’s and Luca’s experiences here!